There's been a pile of vomit on my floor for days.

But it's not like, chunks.

It's the kind of vomit that you have if you haven't eaten anything;

it's just fluorescent green/yellow bile.

Anyway, I'm afraid to clean it up now, because I just remember doing it.

It was a while ago, and I thought I had made the bin.

On a less disgusting note; it's occurred to me how little faith people have in each other any more.
When Obama first was on the campaign trail, people were shocked.

Be it outrage, denial, enthusiasm, or just plain happiness; there was a resounding feeling in the air.

When he was elected, there was a feeling of.....relief. Or anger. It depends on your political/racial views.

I myself was elated. A black president. Finally, maybe we'll get some things done. He has some pretty crazy ideas, but he seems confident in himself, albeit his newness to the political stage.

Now adays, people are just putting him down. Putting everything down.
Be it H1N1, the healthcare crisis, or Balloon Boy, there's negativity in everything.

How did we lose faith so suddenly?
Is it because despite all his promises, Obama hasn't shown any results?
Or is it something else? Something inside us all that just broke when it showed we COULD be different, we COULD be better.

Maybe I'm just crazy.

Ah, well.

Also, I lost my wallet.
If anyone has seen it, let me know.
It's made out of pink ducttape and has black electrical taped stripes.
Posted on October 29th, 2009 at 07:00pm


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