I Am The Dark

I Am The Dark.
That is why I chose to be Yami.
Which is Dark.

Because I am not Light.
I am not bright. I am not happy. I am not shining.
I do not shine for all to see.
I do not brighten the way for others.
I smother the Light.

I may seem happy. I may seem bright.
But inside, I am a shell of former happiness.
I'm Dark inside.
My thoughts are poison.
I infect everyone I know.
Including my Light.

I see each day as one step closer in the line to my number being called.
And I leave this place.
You were born, and begin to die.
The glass is not half full or half empty. It is gone.

And yet...

I can embrace my Darkness.
I accept that I am not Light, as I once thought.
I know that I am the equal and opposite of Light.
But, I am not cold.
Not really.

I Am The Dark.
I Am The Yami.

**Thank You for Reading**
Pardon my half-coherent rambling
Posted on December 20th, 2009 at 05:21pm


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