My school, DFL

I'm DFL student.
DFL is the acronym for Dongducheon Foriegn Language Highschool.
(Dongducheon is the northern part of the SouthKorea.)

The distinctive feature of it is student can't use cellphone in the school.
if someone is caught using a cell phone, he will be yanked out of dorm.
Some student live very far from Dongducheon.
All of DFL students live in a dorm.

Another feature is DFL students are good at English or other language.
(except me, I'm poor at English.)
Some student had lived England, America, Dominica, China, Japan or New zealand, etc.... I envy them.

And, In DFL, student can select their major
;English-Chinese, English-Japanese, Chinese-English and Japanese-English
I'm English-Chinese major.
What is different between English-Chinese and Chinese-English is student who majoring English-Chinese can have more English class than Chinese.
Of course, all student in DFL also learn math, society and science

Last, campus of DFL is very beautiful!

Posted on January 24th, 2010 at 02:33am


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