Ella and India's blog on top 10 things that annoy us.

Here again :] This time not in DT though, since Ella was ill and not at school today :[

As the title says, Top Ten Things That Annoys Us :]

10. When ppl typee lyk dis 2 yhu. Yeah, that is beyond annoying. We don't honestly understand a word of what people are typing.

9. Very posed pictures where people think they look so cool...but don't. At least not to us.

8. People who shout random things at you and think they're cool because they have just acted like an idiot.

7. Band's and singers who are really great on albums, but are really crap live. Proving they are just fake.

6. Rude people.

5. Barbie Dolls. They try to make girls want to be perfect, when there is clearly no such thing as perfect. That's why we rip heads off of Barbie's.

4. Cherly Cole. Just no. Why? because she's fake. We really don't think she's the right person to be judging a singing competition.

3. Apples. Yep, the fruit. It's just so...gross. We've agreed that apple juice is ok, but not apples. The skin is weird...it gets all stuck in your teeth *shudders*.

2. Broken or slow clocks. Yeah, we hate it when the clock says something and we're waiting for the bell to ring...and oooh, the teacher says its slow. And broken ones are just as worse, there's not much point in the clock being on the wall if its broken.

1. Racists. It's horrible to discriminate people because of what colour they are or where they come from. It shouldn't make a difference to someone what someone's colour is, or where they come from as long as they are nice to people.

There's our blog, done on MSN :]
Over and out from India and Ella :]
Posted on February 5th, 2010 at 12:25pm


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