What bothers you?

Teenagers do a lot of stupid things...me included. But there are certain types of teenagers who piss me the hell off. I feel the need to list them...

1. Too Cool for Your Parents Teen

This teen can often be seen roaming the mall by themselves trying to avoid their mother, father, or both. I hate this person...with a passion. They have absolutely no right to give their parents shit...especially when their parents are buying their clothes.

Helpful Hint for teen: Suck up the fact that you will never be as cool or as tough as your middle aged mom, and quit being a dick.

2. I Listen to Tough Music Therefore I am Tough Teen

We've all seen these types. The music they listen to dictates what they wear, and then that in turn dictates how they act. These teens put on a little Screamo and automatically think they're hardcore.

Helpful Hint: Listen to the screamo...really listen to it...hear that? Yes! It is the lead singer singing through his nose...ignore all the screaming and you are able to hear that the lead singer is just your average whiny bitch
(Ha I'm gonna get eaten alive for this one)

3. 7 APs Teen

Oh no! Only 7 APs...HOW AM I EVER GONNA GET INTO HARVARD? Shut the hell up. I don't have a problem with being smart and taking hard classes, just don't complain about them. I don't give a shit about how hard your APs are. No one is forcing you at gunpoint to take these.

Helpful Hint: You could give the Dean head. Or try actually having some sort of skill you could apply to real life...This might help you get into college instead of just raping yourself with textbooks.

4. Praying in Public Teen

We've seen these kids. Especially at sporting events. Right before the game they pray to whatever God they believe in...in front of everyone. This leads me to believe this Teen is an attention seeker. I bet you they complain every Sunday when forced to go to church...but wait! A chance to make people think I'm religious and thus different? Ok!
I don't mean to offend anyone in this one. It's just most of the people I know that pray before games fit into this stereotype. I don't mean to pass judgements.

Ah, and that is all for now.
Posted on March 12th, 2007 at 08:30pm


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