So this blog..

Haha, I like how blogs are accually something worth reading.Smile SO today at school, my buddy Vince,comes up, to me after school and is like,"Hey that chick you were with at lunch is cute." Okay Vince is like my good friend right?It turns out he dosent like me they way i thought he did.LOL, Im relived! If Vince would;ove liked me they way i thought he did i would of avoided huggs from himSmile but, SCORE! hes dosent, reason i thought that was because, like half of my guy friends like meNeutralthis has happend all the time through middle school...its such a dragg, cause once they tell me or ask me out, i cant be friends with them no more,or "flirt" knowing that they want me, i do this cause i dont want to hurt them any more this selfish of me?

well thats it for today, i hope my blog amused you as much as me writing itSmile
Posted on March 10th, 2010 at 06:20pm


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