The Big Bang Theory

Happy 2011 All.

A new year can make you look foreward or backward on a year (or your live). I always like to do a bit of both. Most of the time in a diary of some sort i tought i do it in a blog now XD try to mix in with the younger crowd Laughing

2010 started at an all time low, living with my mom (no offence i love her but not the place i imagined myself to be at my age), dumpt by my boyfriend (in hindside thnxx god!!!) and jobless.

evaluating the past year, i got a job and bought a house and almost thnxx my ex for breaking up with me a few days ago XD all in all a good year i would say. Why do i then feel so unsadisfide ........

The past month i have been meeting people that i haven't seen for a while, like my ex and a guy i had a crush on about 15 years ago and some other friends from way back. (gosh that makes me realize i am getting old)
I always assume the worst is gonna happen when i meet people like that, well my ex was being a ass but hey like i said i almost thnxx him for breaking up with me, his friends on the other hand where nice to me, go figure.
I was looking up to the event so much and in the end i realised there was no reason, he has (quoting my friend) the emotional range of a teaspoon, so expect nothing.
The other guy i met i hadn't seen in about 15 years i had such a crush on him but he was being so nice to me not nice nice but well just good conversation and intrest, why do i then still think that most people hate me or think i am a spas (that will never go away whatever people may say Laughing you just learn to deal with it better )

Well it made me realize that i am a generally nice person and that most people like me, i can rationalize that but i don't feel it ..... does that make any sense??

I watched the first season of the Big bang theory today because i had nothing to do XD It reminded me of me and my friends, in female versions and not fysisist but other scientists, who are intelligent have meaningfull jobs and no boyfriends.
And about my age.
How did it come to this ..........
Did my list get so long that there is no man on this freaking earth that will ever do .....

ok really ranting now

I look to the new year with a fresh feeling of this could get better, that is a better start then 2010 where my statement was omfg it can't get any worse.

And i will embrase my inner Geek this year!!!
Geeks will rule the earth!!!!
Posted on January 2nd, 2011 at 05:52pm


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