Time Person of the Year for 2010: NOT Assange

Facebook creator Zuckerberg has been named Time Person of the Year 2010, a move which has stunned the majority of the magazine's readership. Time's own poll is all the evidence necessary; 382,024 readers voted for Assange, far more than any person else. That is approximately 150,000 more votes than those cast for the internet runner-up. Mark Zuckerberg finished 10th, with only 18,353 audience ballots. He didn't even have to take out a payday loan and buy his way on the list.

Zuckerberg in a position to speak because of the Time Person of the Year 2010 award

It would be erroneous to say Mark Zuckerberg had no potential claim to the Time Person of the Year 2010 mantle. Facebook has changed the face of the World Wide Web. Richard Stengel of the Time has his own opinion on Mark Zuckerberg. He said Zuckerberg “enables individuals to voluntarily share details with the idea of empowering them.” Stengel explained that Julian Assange “sees the world as filled with real and imagined enemies.” This is not like Mark Zuckerberg who really “sees the world as filled with potential friends.”

Battle to be seen with Zuckerberg and Assange

Zuckerberg, according to the Time’s editors, has contributed more than Assange has to society that is of more value. WikiLeaks is argued by many to be the reason why power in society may be questions. Leaders can be questioned more now as well. Yet the belligerently loud minority labels Assange as paranoid and dangerous. They say that knowing what the government is doing may not be something we necessarily want to know. It's an old argument that fails to hold water for those who care about freedom.

Several nevertheless listed above him

Audience votes for Time Person of the Year went to the jobless Americans, the Chilean miners, Glenn Beck and Lady Gaga. Mark Zuckerberg was after all these other people. Obviously awarding Julian Assange runner up showed the Time ignored its readers. Another runner up was a corrupt politician. This is Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Individuals change with status update. This came from Mark Zuckerberg himself. Julian Assange has urged us to question our world beyond the borders of Farmville. Is Time being put under government pressure with its choice or is Zuckerberg really worth it?

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Julian Assange on why the world needs WikiLeaks

Posted on January 18th, 2011 at 05:24am


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