I'm Done With This Crap

I have never really been this stressed out in my life. Yes I've been backstabbed multiple times in the past year. I've been pushed around, walked on and what did I do? I took all of it. But I'm through with taking this from people.

Like my now ex-boyfriend for example. He broke up with me. Big deal, I really didn't care. We're 6000 miles apart and it was probably for the best. I wouldn't be pissed off about it as much as I am now if he told me the truth of why we broke up. First he made everything seem like it was my fault, which a lot of it was so I took it. Later I found out that he had asked a girl out while we were still dating, she said yes, he broke up with me and then she found out about it and then said no.

Another guy that I've liked for about 2 years. At first he didn't like me and I was fine with that, instead I became his best friend and even set him up with another of my good friends. It broke my heart, but I did it. A while after around prom, he admitted he liked me, then another friend of mine got him drunk and he's not the best drunk in the world. So they were fooling around, at my house, at my prom party, in my back yard. I was mad at him but we eventually made up. We became best friends and he decides to tell me when I'm over seas that he still likes and when I get home he'd like to give it another try. I started talking a lot and I sarcastically said "why do I even talk to you? I really should stop." I was completely poking fun and he was like "why don't you then." Thinking he was joking too I said "What would you do?" as kind of a curious question. He stopped talking to me and I'm kind of pissed.

Then there's some of the other exchange students here with me. Some of them are like my best friends and then some I'd just rather not be around. One in particular gets us into trouble so much that everybody has just stopped being around her. Still she continues to do whatever she likes and gets away with it. When we would get into trouble because of her she would only play it off as a joke and be like "how could I have known we were going to get into trouble?" Easily. It's you and you always get into trouble.

Then there's my family. I love my host family, I really do, but some of their stereotypes are really pissing me off. I mean, yeah, a lot of Americans are fat and lazy, but don't assume that all of them are. People around the world as just as fat and lazy, it's what happens when technology comes along. But yet, they're convinced I'm lying about being from America because I like to eat healthy and exercise and keep my weight in check. I've always been that way and that's how I was raised. Yes I like to eat at Burger King and stuff, but it's not my life. I don't eat there every single day.

Again my host family just doesn't seem to care about anything. Like they constantly forget things that I have planned or am/have been doing for weeks. Like they forgot I had dance and I waited until 8 for someone, anybody, to get home. My dance class starts at 6 and nobody was home until 8. They forget conveniently when I want to cook things for them that are Americanized foods. They think it's going to be some horribly unhealthy American food like burgers and hot dogs. It was Chili, how unhealthy is homemade Chili?

Really, I know you guys have heard my rants before and stuff, but I'm getting so sick of being walked on and treated like crap. Starting from now, I'm not taking it from anybody. Not my friends, not my family, my school or anyone. Here's to a new New Years Resolution: Having a backbone.
Posted on January 27th, 2011 at 01:26pm


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