So this is the youth of America?

I am sick of being judged. Some of you reading this will know the feeling, the never wanting to leave home, the feeling like you should just change, conform to what is 'normal'. I was nearly ready too. I was so worn out. Everytime I stepped out of my home it felt as if the people whom surrouded me were laughing. I was just another person that could be a pawn in there little 'game'. Just a person to laugh at. But that's just it! I am nothing more than a person. I have feelings, I can cry. Why should I instantly be disliked? Is it for how I dress? For some the answer is yes. As I walk down the street or wait in the gorcery store, I get disgusted head shakes from the person next to me. And at school, all the whispers in the halls. The teachers who just sadly shake their heads and ask themselves "is this what the youth of America have come to?". Well I'm afraid to say that the answer is yes. I am sorry that I do not meet the 'standards' for an average, normal person. But I wasn't always like that. I used to walk down the halls, appearing apathetic to everything and everyone. I just wanted to blend in, but knew that I couldn't. Whether I changed my clothes and took off the eyeliner, I'm still not what you would say is 'normal'. I act differently, and I speak my mind. For you that might not seem odd, but for some people it is. They were taught to conceal their thoughts and beliefs. I was taught the opposite. My life was a hell hole, that I had created. I felt like I couldn't escape it. I had many other things going on in my life at the time. All this negative judging just added to it. I began to think that I should just shed this girl, Laci, and begin anew. I never did though. I started thinking, "is that really what I want? It goes against what I believe!" And my thoughts soon became words and words soon were actions. I never changed Laci, she just got more mature with age. I am now active in my school and community to try and help kids feel more at ease with themselves. I used to think that being myself was the worst thing, now I realise it is the greatest.
Posted on January 16th, 2007 at 09:40pm


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