I soooo missed you.

Hello, I missed you (geekstinkbreath of course).
I thought I should blog on whats new in my life, if you don't care then stop reading now.
I think I should start off with the fact that my life's changed completely. I lost friends and I've gained friends, the hardest loss was losing ashley (aka the finger fucker). I'm now completely fine with losing her cause all she was doing was bringing me down. My new two friends are supportive to the max, like a bra. They helped me see that I don't need money and junk to be happy, all I need is them. In other news, I was failing my first semester of school due to the fact of not giving a crap about my education, second semester changed though. I'm now pushing myself to success and to better my self. ALSO, I smoke weed, I always have. I don't believe I've told anyone on here though because I was too afraid of the judgment. But, now I think everyone should know and be aware because I think we should all be in movement to decriminalize and legalize it, because what harm is it causing anyone? Alcohol is to blame for a lot of deaths and stuff. Another new thing, I went back to being me, the old me. I hated what I've become in months so I just decided I should cut all ties with anyone associated with the new me, so thats what I did. I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT ELSE TO WRITE good bye Smile
Posted on June 9th, 2011 at 12:31pm


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