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ok hey people.

im bartman and i love the simpsons, music, and harry potter. ok i know im pretty boring.

"Granny Peace Brigade"

i just read this insane article about 10 grannies who got arrested for anti-war protesting. They were just inside a military recruiting area. The army men told them to leave because they were "too old to join the army". Well they stuck around and got arrested for not really doing anything. Sure they were told their too old, but if they hadn't been anti-war im sure the recruiters would have let them stay. So we have 10 arrested grannies while mass murders are on the loose. I guess we know what really matters in this society....other peoples grandmas.

i'd post the article but i cannot subit copyrighted material. so google it (is that copywrited?) and im sure you'll find it along with lots of other "questionable arrests"

"We're saying, 'I've lived my life. Let me go to Iraq instead of our grandchildren so they have a chance to live their lives"
-- Jean Haskell, 74 (a "granny" )

and also if you haven't hear we've been in this mess called Iraq for 4 years and 2 days. party.
[note internet sarcasm]

also please comment if you disagree or agree or simply don't care and wish i didn't have a blog.
Posted on March 21st, 2007 at 07:20pm


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