Leaving it all Behind Me (maybe).

I'm officially done. I refuse to stay here for much longer -- or I'll just feel that much worse. As soon as I can find someone to stay with and/or a nice, cheap(ish) apartment, I'm leaving Sacramento behind for good. There seems to be nothing for me here except sorrows and anger, and I'd like to have a fresh start. Much as I love my apartment, the friends I've made, and my family, I feel ready to move on -- like maybe something bigger and better is waiting for me somewhere else.

When I really think about this, it's almost as if I just need a nice, long vacation away from here, but I also feel stressed to the point where I get pissy over little nit-picky things. So, maybe a change in scenery would do me some good.

Posted on July 18th, 2011 at 10:51am


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