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Green Day
Wembley Stadium
‘’Gig Review’’

Standing waiting on one of the most prominent bands of this generation is a great, warm feeling. Especially at such a colossal place like Wembley stadium, London’s centre of paradise. Green Day is ready to walk on stage, with their instruments like magic beacons. Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool, are ready play in front thousands of devoted, fanatical fans, screaming like it’s the only thing the world has to offer. And maybe for this flock, at this moment in time, it is the only thing the world needs, an infusion of punk rock. The sound of piano rings out, Green Day walk on stage to the shouts and screams, Billie Joe claps his hands, and the crowd follows his every move. The band are ready to give their all, because this is the biggest crowd they have played to.

Tre Cool hits his drums; its sounds like a heartbeat on high alert, then the guitar forces through, the fans cant get enough. 21st Century Breakdown Is the opening track, a song worthy as the starting point. Wembley stadium rocks, it’s placed in a whirlpool of fanatics and punk rock, it’s a perfect match. After the opening song fades, the band go straight into Know Your Enemy, another new song to add to Green Day’s colossal back catalogue. Tre Cool’s drumming is showcased; it’s fast and brash, full of guile and power. ‘’East Jesus Nowhere’’ swings into action, placing itself among the elite. Green Day is empowered by this point, kings of the world, kings of their own destiny. Holiday then shines through like a star, the brightest one in a sky full of smoke from the fireworks. It’s a political masterpiece, a song that may have made American Idiot. Green Day then fly into the archives, and bring forward classics such as Burnout, When I Come Around, She, Who Wrote Holden Caulfield, these are the songs that catapulted Green Day into superstardom in the 90s. Surprisingly the band didn’t play much of their new opus, the old kings stood worthy.

Green Day were happy to have one of their comrades up on stage with them, one lucky fan got to sing a piece of a song, after that he had to do a stage dive into the melting pot, it was rather awesome. Green Day have a close bond with their fans, they know without them, they would be nothing. With thousands of hearts beating to the sound of one of the greatest bands to ever grace a stage, Green Day go on for around 3 hours, shuffling through songs new and old. Fans from across the globe are here, to star in the biggest party they have probably been too, Green Day give they’re all, with sweat leaking from their million dollar pores.

Posted on January 20th, 2012 at 06:57pm


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