Top 50 Green Day songs Part 1

It has been a while but Cheechoo is back! I recently returned to GSB just to see if my profile still existed. I looked and saw there no was no recent comments, (no big surprise) and then I read my old blogs. They brought back some memories of when I was on here all the time but it was my blog titled "top 10 Green Day songs of the decade" that brought back one memory in particular. That was the memory of actually making that blog, which from what I remember was a lot of fun! I saw that that blog got a lot of interesting comments, so I thought to myself "I should make another one!". I became inspired and decided to make a Top 50 list of the best Green Day songs ever. The Rankings are based off of my opinion so please don't be mad if you disagree with anything. If you do disagree I'd be interested to know why in a comment. Here it is, I hope you enjoy!

I'll kick off the Cheechoo Top 50 Countdown with an honorable mention (so there will be 51 songs!). This song originally made my Top 50 list but was replaced at the last second by a song I almost overlooked. It was ranked between 50 and 41 so it was going to be in this blog anyway, that's why I figured I might as well put it in even though it is now unranked. It is a B-Side but a pretty good one. Obviously good enough to almost make the "official" list. It's one of my favorite songs from the album "Shenanigans". I remember annoying a lot of people in AOL Chatrooms back in the day by constantly posting the lyrics to this song. Here it is, "Rotting"

50 : "Outsider". Another B-Side and a Ramones cover but I feel it is worthy enough to make the cut. In my humble opinion this is probably the best Ramones cover song ever. I've heard other bands cover them and they usually butcher the song. That is not the case for this song. Not much else to say, here it is, judge for yourself!

49 : "Suffocate". Yet ANOTHER B-Side but once again, it's a pretty good one! The main reason it beat "Outsider" is because it's not a cover song but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be #49. This is a very good song. Often when I listen to it I end up listening to it on repeat for a pretty long time. You might be scratching your head on this one (or on all 3 songs so far) or you may agree it should be on the list. I think this song is better than a lot of Green Day songs and deserves to be here. Here it is

48 : "JAR". If you must know, this was the song that almost didn't make it and if you MUST know, "Rotting" was originally #49 and if you REALLY MUST know, "Suffocate" was originally #48. Now let's move on! I remember the first time I ever listened to "International Superhits" I thought this song was amazing (I never saw the movie Angus by the way). I still do think it is (obviously) and it's definitely better than "Maria" and "Poprocks and Coke". Going back to "Rotting", it's a good song and all but once I realized I didn't even think of "JAR" it had to go! This is just a way better song in my opinion

47 : "See the Light". This is one of my favorite songs off of "21st Century Breakdown". It's obviously not the best one since it's the first song to appear from it on this countdown. It's a really good "last song" on an album and a really good song in general. I used to listen to this album every day at work when it came out and this one lady used to come to my department every day at the same time. I'd start listening to the album at the same time every day to make the afternoon fly by so when she showed up every day the cd was always at "See the Light" and I'd have the volume up VERY high on my headphones so there's no way she didn't hear this song EVERY DAY. I always wondered what was going through her head, there's no way she couldn't hear it, the SAME song every day at the exact same time. I'm pretty sure she was hot too. I better stop at that thought before this gets way off track. Here it is!

46 : "21 Guns". Don't worry, I won't tell another pointless story about me listening to this at work. I just won't write anything and let you listen to it.

45 : "Disappearing Boy". A blast from the past (finally)! In my opinion this is one of the best songs from the "pre-Dookie" albums. I'm pretty sure one of my old screen names was "Disappearing Boy" and a bunch of stupid numbers after it. I listened to "39/Smooth" A LOT when I was in high school and this song would be in my head all of the time. It's a good one! Here it is!

44 : "Scumbag". You might be surprised to see another B-Side after the last couple songs but I honestly think this song is better than them. There's only one song on "Shenanigans" that I think is better. I can't tell you what song because it's also on this countdown (Yes, ANOTHER song from "Shenanigans" ). So here it is, the second best song from that album

43 : "Before the Lobotomy". One of the more boring songs to play on Bass in Green Day Rockband but it's a great one to listen to! If you read my other blog you'd know I think this song is one of the top 10 best Green Day songs of the past decade. However I do not think it's good enough to rank in the top 10 out of the top 50 best of all time. It's good but not that good. Here it is

42 : "Ha Ha You're Dead". I'm assuming that there will be a lot of people that won't think that songs from "Shenanigans" would qualify for the top 50, so if you're one of them, don't worry this is the last one! Or is it.......? I think this is easily the best song on "Shenanigans". Or do I.....? Here it is!

41 : "Words I Might Have Ate". The first song from Kerplunk to make the countdown.....or is it?? It is, don't worry. You can scroll up if you don't believe me....or could you??? Don't worry I'll stop that. This song is really good. It's easily one of the best off of "Kerplunk". Here it is!

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of my list. This blog would be way too long if I put all 50 in one so expect 4 more. Please leave a comment if you agree or disagree with anything. Or just leave a comment!
Posted on May 7th, 2012 at 01:45am


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