The GSB Awards and the fight in the Blah Blah's

You know all the people who hate the GSB Awards, like me, and their all like PAGSBA (People Against GeekStinkBreath Awards), like me, and they want people to stop filling the blah blahs with their "vote for me" crap? Well, I just noticed that more blah blahs are being filled up by people who are bitching at the people who like it and want to get voted for whatever they want to get voted for. Their all like "Stop posting what you want to get voted for. People are just gonna get fed up and not vote!" Thats very true but more blah blahs are filled up by that then the "vote for me" crap. Isnt that weird. More blah blahs are being filled up by people who are all like "I hate the gsb awards. Im not going to voiting." Anyway, I though I would share that with you. Not like anyone cares but whatever.
Posted on March 27th, 2007 at 03:59pm


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