Instruction Manuals

..........So. In humor, it is said that women don't come with instruction manuals, ....and even if they did.....what man has been known to read a manual. Funny, ....I guess.

You can't help what you are attracted to. Everyone has taken who they are drawn to and painted them into the pretty box titled " what I need, what I have been waiting/looking for, etc"

Strong independent woman. Everything in sync with her. She is the one. I know. For sure.

I've done this before. I truely feel ready to do this. I don't know what all I will do, ...but I know for sure what not to do,...and what for certain is the wrong thing to do.

I thought strength and independence was something liberating. Something that keep you free of feeling confined .

There are millions of strong independant men and women in the world. Hats off to them, But hands down, so many are trapped in the walls that they have built themselves. Can't get out if they wanted. Only want someone to come in and work within a set a guidelines. Perhaps just not ready, although all their words say otherwise....

If you have an empire, and you want to merge with another entity, would think that it would make sense that you would think through the changes ahead of time. You aren't the only person that has built an structure that their lives depended on when they HAD to be independent. Rome wasnt built in a day. And when it was time to build a new Rome, ....they heavily relied on what they had already learned and the materials they had at their disposal. They looted and gutted their own empire, build a new one. With no care, ....vandals stole the didn't matter. These scraps were not fundamental to the new empire.

You didn't come with a manual.

I never felt that I needed one. I always understood you. Your methods, defenses, where you drew strength from, .......I love all these things.

I'm fully ready to build an empire with you.

But your empire is under attack. The drawbridge has been raised that I used to cross. Canons and arrows fly over my head. I'm no longer a visitor here, ....I am the enemy. I must be here only to destroy your empire.

I understand you. Your methods, defenses, ....what you do to stay strong. Its admirable. These and many other traits unchanged will serve you well as an independent woman.......for the rest of your life.

I do understand. And if there was a manual, ....I admit that I may not have read it at first. But I certainly would have by now. Regardless......The fact that I do understand only hurts me now. I have come to find, that what you want me to do is NOT to understand you......but to simply know my way in, and my way out, and a series of prompts that will make me act in ways that you want. A smart little hamster in a maze I am not.........

Women do not come with a manual. It doesn't matter now.....I understand. Its just that if you had a manual, ....I have a suspicion that what it says in french and spanish are not the same as what you say in english.

Posted on March 17th, 2013 at 11:25am


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