Am I Too Much Of A Dreamer?

I don't think I am...

I mean... look.

Since a very young age, I was always caught singing everywhere I could. To this day, if not even more, I'm caught singing in showers, public bathrooms, stores, classrooms, in cars... Everywhere. I'm also never able to go anywhere without my iPod or my CD Player. Even in classes, my teacher has to yell at me to take my music out of my ears.

I've been aspiring to become a rockstar, in a band, for quite a while now. I've been taking voice lessons for, going on, 2 years. I'm not quite sure where my life will lead me, but I'm trying to lead my own life into that of what I dream to be.

Most people say "You'll make it!" but others say "Don't get your hopes up."

I'm not ensuring my fate as a singer for sure, but my hopes are up pretty high.

Now, it's all just down to that question. Am I too much of a dreamer?

What do you think?
Posted on March 29th, 2007 at 05:48pm


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