No More Dead Dogs

I like this book because It reallly describes what kids my age act like. The main characters are generaly all in grades 7 and 8. I can take the characters in this book and relate it to people i know in real life.

Wallace Wallace (yes those are his first and last names) is always honest, and sometimes a bit too honest. He is a foot ball player, that is always loyall to his team mates and mother.

Rachel Turner is the captain of the drama club, and is aiming to be an actress when she is older.

Trudi Davis is very ditsy, and she likes makeup and all of that girly stuff.

Mr. Fogelman is the director of the school play, and he is very orderly and seriously needs to lossen up.

I really like the name of the book though. it is called 'No More Dead Dogs' because it is a fact that in every book you read that is somewhat centered around a dog, the poor creaature always dies at the and. In this book the main character Wallace is tired of reading books in which the dog always dies, so when he is told to write a book report on 'Old Shep, My Pal', he is his usual honest self, and writes a bad review. This leads to a series of events, and a very suprising ending.

Overall it was a great book. Very Witty and funny, and i would suggest it to anyone.
Posted on January 17th, 2007 at 09:12pm


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