The Distillers

The Distillers are an alternative punk band, formed in 1998. Released 3 albums on Hellcat Records. The Distillers released their first self-titled album in 2000. The Distillers second effort was Sing Sing Death House which they released 2 singles from. Their third album Coral Fang was released in 2003, and so far is my favorite album by them. They're are known for giving very intense and hard rock preformances.

Brody Dalle- Lead singer, song writer, and guitarist, for The Distillers.Known for her deep and powerful voice. First formed a band known as Sourpuss and played at a festival where she met her first future husband, Tim Armstrong and they moved from Melbourne, to Los Angeles, where she formed The Distillers.

Tony Bradley- Another guitarist in the Distillers. Occasionally does vocals aswell. Contributes and play's guitar in the band Spinnerette. As of March 2006, Tony Bradley worked at Amoeba Records in Hollywood.

Ryan Sinn- Plays Bass, but recentley left the band with reasons he left on his Myspace Page. He also now plays in the band, Angels and Airwaves.

Andy Granelli- Drummer, but left the band in 2005 to pursue his career with the band, Darker My Love.

Kim Chi- Played Bass, but left the band to make a self-titled album. She is currentley touring with Rockstar: Supernova.

Singles they've put out: "City of Angels", "Beat Your Heart Out", "The Young Crazed Peeling", "Drain The Blood", and "The Hunger."

Unfortunately, The Distillers broke up. Brody Dalle and Tony Bradley have now formed a band called Spinnerette. The Distillers are a terrific band and i've never heard a better female vocalist. They're definately worth checking out.
Posted on January 17th, 2007 at 10:50pm


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