Baseball season starts today, and I happen to possibly be the worlds biggest baseball junkie. I've been counting down the time left until the season opens since it closed last year basically, and when I found out the Cardinals were opening the season I was a very happy girl, seeing as how they've been my favorite team since I was like 3.

So, it's the Cardinals vs. the Mets for opening day. The Yankees and the Cardinals are the only two teams with World Series wins that go into double digits. The Cardinals pwnt Detroit last year in the world series in only 5 games. So, things are looking pretty good for the Cardinals so far, not to mention our line up is seriously winning at life this year. WIth Edmonds, Pujols and Rolen our hitting is covered, and obviously are fielding is great, plus we have the home field advantage. I bet later on tonight I'll be making a blog about how badly the Cardinals beat the Mets Smiley How do you guys think it's going to turn out?
Posted on April 1st, 2007 at 05:30pm


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