I'll try to make this as un-biased as possible.

Rancid is fronted by Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen, Matt Freeman, and the newly found drummer, Brandon Steineckert. The gritty voice of Lars, and Tim's voice compliments each other perfectly. The bass lines are some of the best seen in a punk band.Just after quitting Operation Ivy, Matt,Tim,Lars, and Brett founded Rancid, It was the total opposite of the ska band they had just quit. With less than two minute songs of explosive punk. Although Lars was in the band at the time, he did not preform in it.
..And Out come the Wolves had major labels trying to get tp them fro left and right, but they stuck to their roots, and stayed with Epitaph. It was soon platinum with 979,000 copies sold.Later, they released Life Won't Wait, the album that some fans say to be their "worst". It had the "punk rock anthem": Bloodclot. This album reaches out into their ska roots, and had a reggae hint to it. Their most recent work, Indestructible, is criticized by many fans, for its poppier sound. It is said to be the last album, with all of Brett drumming.The new album is said to be in the works, and is their eighth studio album.

Overall, Rancid has had different varieties in all their albums, if you hate one, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll hate the others. Check out Rancid no matter what mood you're in. They satisfy.

That wasn't that great of a review. Cheese
Posted on January 17th, 2007 at 11:19pm


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