I Hate Airports

Okay, so I was flying out to Anaheim California for a volleyball tournament on Thursday. I get to the airport about 5 for my 7 pm flight. So then a person comes on the P.A and says that the gate changed. I was a little nervous that our whole flight was gonna get cancelled cause it was raining like crazy (and I mean insanely crazy, like hail and everything). So we go to our new gate and wait. Then finally one of my friends from my team comes, she then says she's on a "stand by list" for our flight cause hers at 4 got cancelled. So to sum it up, she's been here since 2. So then her mom tells us they changed not only the gate, BUT THERMINAL. So we had to go on the train thingy that went around the airport and go to our second new gate. Thirty minutes later, it was cancelled. I was soooo pissed. So was Katie (the first girl) so her mom was smart enough to get plane tickets for 6 am in the morning in case something went wrong, my dad is a fag and is stupid so he had nada-nothing. So Katie went home to sleep and to come back at 3 in the morning. My dad then goes to be a stand-by for the 9 and 10 flights to LAX. So we wait, and every passing hour, the boarding time was geting delayed more and more. So now the 9 pm was departing at 1 am and the 10 was at 11 pm. So we wait andfinally they board the stand by's (Stand By's are people who are substitutes on planes, they fill those extra seats) They take about 50 each time so we asumed we wouldn't make the 11pm, so my dad was like, "Let's go home, I have tickets to go to Housten then to Ontario(California) at 5 am."
I really didn't want to go home. My dad then calls my mom to tell her what happened. All hell breaks loose, she started screaming at him and threatened that when we came home, we weren't leaving. So no California if I went home. My dad then hung up and turned off his phone. So we wait, then finally they start boarding and calling stand by's. Alot of people from my volleyball team were also on the list. Abby, Nikki, and Missy made it, but when Missy's family was called they only had two seats, she her and her mom went on and her brother and dad stayed here. So went the plane departed, her dad sudden;y realized, "OH CRAP! SHE HAS THE KEYS TO THE CAR!" So they were like, "Yeah, were staying here overnight, are you?" and my dad and me just said fine, cause goig back home meant no California, and that would SUCK.
We got blankets from a flight attendent andcrashed on the floor. But I couldn't sleep, it was so damn hard and so unconfurtable. I probably only slept for thirty minutes at most.
Then 5 am came, all four of us got onto a flight, flew to Housten Tx, then to Ontario California, the drove to our hotel in Anahiem. But I was in the pissiest mood ever from lack of sleep. And we played like shit the first day, landing us in the bottom half in the qualifier. But we played really REALLY good the last two days and ended up winning the whole entire bottom half.

Posted on April 2nd, 2007 at 06:29pm


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