Internet relationships.

Internet relationships: we all hear the same old stories.
Girl meets boy online, boy gets creepy, girl gets stalked, girl is raped or killed.
But true statistics show that cyber stalking is very rare. But why is this culture of meeting people online looked down upon? Why is it that when you turn the pages of your magazine you see articles about someone getting killed by an online friend instead of an article about the benefits of online relationships?
Maybe because this is the dawning of the new age. Computer age.
People are going to have to get used to it; it looks like this "controversial issue" is here to stay. In a couple of years this will merely be another form of communication.

In my opinion, I think having a friend or maybe a lover online is great. Look at it this way: <b>when you're chatting with someone online you're actually getting to know them outside of their looks.</b> This could lead to a relationship healthy enough to feel comfortable with meeting the person.
There are always ways to be secure with knowing who you're talking to; they've got everything these days. Video conversations, myspace, you name it.

Someone tells you, "Don't go out when it's raining or else you'll get struck by lightning."
Ridiculous, right?
Well, saying "Don't go to online forums or else someone's going to stalk you and rape you" is the exact same thing.

As long as you keep it safe and clean, you're in a good place.
Posted on April 5th, 2007 at 11:22pm


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