The odd Skittle.

It bothers me most when youopen a packet of skittles to be met with 4 yellows skittles, 3 orange ones, a green one, and maybe a red or purple one.

Everytime, you never get a fair amount of Strawberry or Blackberry skittles, which are my favorite flavours. But you always seem to get the lemon flavoured skittles.

Now, i know that this blog might not be as polically charged, or really informative, but i just couldnt help but notice that everytime that i open a packet of skittles, or M+M's, i always get screwed over by those darm Lemon flavoured skittles!

Maybe it is too much effort for the companies that own SKittles to make more red and purple ones, maybe they just like to see people buy more packets of skittles in order to replace those red and purple skittles that are missing.

But i know that there are heaps of people that find this matter really annoying.

I am sick of opening a packet of skittles and having to eat my way through a row of sickening lemon flavoured skittles that taste like bloody dishwashing liquid!!!!!!!!

Ok, rant over, it just felt nessesary for me to do that.

What do you think of it?
Posted on April 7th, 2007 at 07:00am


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