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I have decided what i want to do with my life..
even though since about year 6 of primary school i have always wanted to be a magazine editor && obv, i knew that i wouldn't just become one like that, and that i would have to start from the bottom, so i needed a more specific role in the magazine industry, so i was reading teen vogue and then.
Fashion editor, i know like with an editor i wont become one, but i definatly want to focus upon fashion in magazine [teen mags]
If you look at me you might think, ew, her and fashion?
But there is alot more individuality and you can explore so many things.
So this is how my dream career path looks like: [inmymind.]

1. College
- work exp at local paper
2. Uni
- More work exp.
-Teen mag in UK
4.Another job
-Teen mag in USA

I realise it won't go like that at all, but you can dream!

I have a lot of thinking and doing, to get this life.
but im also concerned as despite doing art gcse [just had my final exam] and the rest of my cousre is at c, so im about a pass in that, i dont want to do it at college, i dont want to do the design aspect of it, but would i have to?
Maybe im out of my league, i want to be involved in the core running of a magazine, and it has always been my dream, i have never wanted to be anything else.

Kk im stressed after all of this!
Im gonna watch a prison break episode
Posted on April 9th, 2007 at 08:55am


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