Are We Done Yet & Grindhouse!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone I have 2 movie reviews for ya. 1st is "Are We Done Yet" I would give this a 3 out of 5. This movie I thought wasn't very good. I do think it was a little better than the 1st one. There were funny parts. Like when the shandoler fell on the table when they were eating. Also all the parts where Nick (Ice Cube) was fixing the house. Also another funny scene was when Kevin was dragged into the water by a big fish. So that's all I gotta say for that one. Now for the 2nd movie is "Grindhouse" Now this was an excellent movie. I give it a 5 out of 5. There was a whole lot of action, suspence, nudity, gore, violence etc. First they showed a trailer for the movie "Machete" Which actually is gonna be a real movie out in 2008. Then "Planet Terror" came on first. That was a pretty darn good one. My favorite characters were: El Wray (Freddie Rodriguez) and Cherry (Rose McGowan). Man was she smoooooooooooooooookin............. Then there was a 5 minute intermission. Then came 2 other fake movie trailers. HaHa..I laughed at those. Then the 2nd film came on called: "Death Proof" That was better than the first movie. I loved Kurt Russel's role. The end of that was awsome how the girls beat the s*** outta him. I also bought a "Death Proof" t-shirt, and the soundtrack to "Planet Terror" The total running time is: 3Hrs. 05Mins. I'm glad i stayed awake. If you are into action packed movies, GO SEE GRINDHOUSE.............. One of the best films of 2007 so far. LOL
Posted on April 9th, 2007 at 08:22pm


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