The developing world

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July 5th, 2005 at 06:37am
I am the Waiting Unknown:
Poverty is something that will never end. If there is someone who has more money than another person, they'll always be poorer. Not that I don't want it to happen, I wish there could be no poverty, but I don't believe it can happen though. That doesn't stop me from trying to help.
Well said!

But someone asked me the other day if i thought that the money REALLY would go to poorer countries? Personally, I think it will, but what do you guys think?

ye, the money really DO go to those LDCs but to notice that, the money went to the countries' GOVERNMENTS, we don't know what the government do with the money!
that's why Oxfarm such NGOs telling people, simply donate money CANNOT help those LDCS but teach ppl in LDCs how to make their living THEMSELVES, that's the way to help them get rid of poverty.
for the question "would poverty disappear?" i think we hv to define what is "poverty", if your defination of "poverty" is "relative poverty"----" there is someone who has more money than another person, they'll always be poorer" , well, this kind of poverty will never put to an end, but my defination of 'poverty" is "absoulate poverty" (by Booth, 1889; Rowntree, 1901, 1941). ---"the level of subsistence can be objectively defined and people living below this level are considered to live in poverty. Rowntree suggested a list of food items to indicate the level of subsistence.(if anybody want to know the details of the list, i can type it out),, for the "relative poverty" i agree it can't be ended, but for "absoulate poverty" i think we can put an end to it as long as we are willing and trying to do it!
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July 5th, 2005 at 12:18pm
You realise that talking about it is pointless. If you want something to change YOU have to do something about it.
For example, write to your governmet or local pm or send the letters from the Make Poverty History website.
And I agree something must be done but before we takle poverty we have to get rid of corruption in these 3rd world countries. This, however, is harder than it sounds. When money is given in aid the 3rd world goverment takes the money and put it into buying arms and war.

And you don't think I have tried to do something? My dad even emailed Tony Blair!!!!

I'm not saying you havent done anything but apart from writing letters there is alot more to it. Try gettin involved with Concern or Oxfam or another organiseation.

As for writing letters you have to start from the bottom. Try writing letters to your local M.P. Thats what i did.

And like i said before to be rid of poverty we have to get rid of courruption first.

well im planning to go to edinburgh with some mates tomorrow, and join the protest, but im really skint right now so it depends if i can get enough money for the train.
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October 22nd, 2006 at 09:57pm
While giving money to these countries does provide them with some help, it doesn't help them to develop sustainable communities to live in. it is more of a band-aid quick fix solution.

It isn't just the fact that these people are living in extreme poverty but it has a lot to do with the way there country is being run as a whole, we can't just give them money raised through the generosity of people living in wealthy countries and expect all of their problems to be fixed.

I believe that many of the debts that these countries have developed should just be abolished, the countries who the are in debt to, hardly need it compard to the state of these countries.
we should be helping them at all levels. we should help them construct a government which is fair to all people in their country. We should buy their exports off of them for a fair price instead of riping them off. we should help them develop sustainable living conditions, this doesn't mean go in their and build them some shelter and give them some seed to plant a crop, eductae them on how to maintain these crops, educate them on how to use proper hygenic water and washing facilites to help stop the spread of disease. i could go on all day.

while it would be great to see world poverty to end by 2015, it clearly isn't going to happen any time in the near future.
i do not see how the world would be any better if everyone is on a level playing field somehow problems would still arise that could easily be avoided. money is evil.