Schapelle Corby, did she do it?

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October 5th, 2008 at 04:24am
When i first heard about this i was all, no way she didn't do it ! she's innocent ! but that ws about 3 years ago and i was younger and didn't know alot. But know, when i've learnt about her past, her family and moree about why people smuggle drugs i knew she was guilty. Being a girl, there would be alot of doubt whether she did it or not because she seemed like a clean, young girl. There has been a tonne of stories bout her and her family, especially mercedes corby-schapelle's sister. mercedes addmitted doing drugs herself which was really stupid cuz it meant that people around her knew about it, including schapelle. someone also came out saying they sold drugs to her dad who is know dead. so i think she's guilty.