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September 14th, 2010 at 07:53pm
On Facebook, there is an amazing girl named Rylie. Like us, she is obsessed with the talented Billie Joe Armstrong.

Rylie has created a page on Facebook for all of us Billie fans, and obsessers. On it, she posts pictures, cool status updates, and she even has a side project where she makes and sells her own Green Day backpacks!

On this page, you can also upload and post pictures of Billie that you've drawn, editted, or just any old picture of Billie you love.

Every week, Rylie picks out a winner to become "Billie Joe Worshiper of the Week." By becoming the Worshiper, she makes totally awesome prizes, almost costum made for you! She makes certificates, relating to your favorite Green Day album and song. With your name, she includes you are the Worpshiper of the Week, and you get the honer of bragging to every Green Day fan you know!

In order to win this though, you need to 'like' the page on Facebook, and get on the page and comment statuses, pictures, posts, etc.

I promise you it's loads of fun, and it always manages to either make your day, Facebook experience, or even week ;]

So head on over to Facebook, and like this page!!/pages/Billie-Joe-Armstrong-is-God-Worship-him-daily/135664673134713

Tell her Jayden McKylee sent ya! ;]

-Jayden McKylee Danger