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Green Day Hero
Jayden McKylee
East Jesus Nowhere, OR.

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My name is Jayden McKylee Jensen/Kirk. I live in Oregon, but I'm from Utah. I look like a dark haired Laurie L. (Kerplunk cover girl), and my boyfriend looks like St. Jimmy/Billie. We met online, and honestly, we're together because of Green Day. I saw him randomly on, and he had a Green Day shirt on in his profile picture. I added him, and we started talking. We started a long distance relationship (He was in OR, I in UT) but now we live together. He's more obsessed with Green Day than I am, so I feel really cool when I know something about Green Day he doesn't. :] Anyway, I love him more than Billie loves his Adie. I love Justin more than I love Green Day.

I have counted all my Green Day merch before, and I came up with over 52 things. This was last year though, so I have a shit-ton more now, I just haven't counted.

My boyfriend and I, together, have 21 Green Day shirts. I found that ironic.

I've seen Green Day in concert twice. The second time I got V.I.P. passes, which meant front row and the V.I.P. room. I got a shirt from there, which you cannot get anywhere else.I felt really cool... especially when we got to see Green Day's sound check. Billie waved at me, and Mike pointed out my poster to Billie. Tre ignored me, but Jason White looked at me. During the concert, Billie called me up to sing, but I was frozen in place; I was in shock. Soo... he picked someone else.

I have two Green Day tattoos. They're actually very shitty, because the guys who did them each sucked, but... still... Green Day is permanently in my skin. I think it's pretty punk.

I am one of those (melodramatic fools) Green Day fans who still consider them punk. They're different than any other band (individuality is punk) and they change their sound with every album. They act punk, and the points of their songs are punk. It may not sound punk to some, but I feel it is. ...Besides, who's to say what's punk and what isn't? Isn't that being told what to do in a way? Almost like guidelines, for punk, and following guide lines is not punk, so therefor, I am punk, and so is Green Day.
*And how someone looks and what music they listen doesn't matter; it's the attitude that makes someone punk.

But, away from Green Day, I do have other favorite bands. It's weird, but I am a metal head. Nothing is every heavy enough for me (besides Disfiguring the Goddess and Whitechapel, Job for a Cowboy, etc), so people often wonder why Green Day remains my only and most favorite band. I question it myself.
Anyway, here's my other favorite bands:
Foxboro Hot Tubs,
The Network.
System of a Down.
Marilyn Manson.
Toy Dolls.
Depeche Mode.
Agent Orange.
Pinhead Gunpowder.
Cock Sparrer.
Dead Kennedys.
Husker Du.
Mindless Self Indulgence.
Motion City Soundtrack.
Nine Inch Nails.
Queens of the Stone Age.
Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Smashing Pumpkins.
Bowling for Soup.
Total Chaos.
Viking Skull.
White Stripes.
69 Eyes.
10 Years.
Foo Fighters.
Death Cab for Cutie.
Chelsea Grin.
Job for a Cowboy.
Disfiguring the Goddess.
Bad Religion.
Black Flag.
Flatline Syndicate.

but, I suggest you add me on myspace to get to know me better (if you care).

Any Green Day fan is a friend of mine!


And these are poems I wrote about Green Day I wrote x] Enjoi:

Sweet Children

Those three boys I've been in love with from the start.
There's no questioning that they'll always have my heart.
No matter where they might be,
They'll always have all the love that's left inside me.
I know people think me pathetic, and to them it's just an obsession.
Because I really need them and my heart's forever in their posession.
Sure, I haven't met them yet,
But they're still here for me no matter when.
Maybe they don't even know I exist,
Still, it hasn't stopped me yet.
They're my top priority and there's no doubting this.
I've been with them for years, and I'll never regret.
Green Day is my world and they always will be.
Fuck off if you hate them, because they're all that matters to me.


You can say you hate them, but I know you at least like one song.
Deny it all you want, but I know you'd be wrong.
Everyone likes something that they won't tell.
But I know you like them, even if you won't admit it, so you might as well.
You'd have to be out of your mind if you didn't secretly like them even a litte bit.
I know you listen to them on the radio when you're alone, so stop hiding it.
Green Day's amazing, so don't you lie.
If you refuse to believe me, then why don't you give them a try?
You've got a lot of songs to pick from, so get on it now.
But I'll still keep your secret, even when you still deny you love them somehow.



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