Busted Lips and Lust-Bruised Hips (A Pete Wentz Story)

King For A Couple Of Days
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September 10th, 2007 at 04:33pm
Fall Out Boy just won Best Group on the MTV Video Music Awards. Aaand Pete is looking rather scrumptious with his shaggy-esque hair.

But really, are you surprised? Wink Love you, gorgeous! xxx

Dance Best group. Boo yah! Dance

Haha. Shaggy-esque hair. But yes, it does look scrummy.

Not as scrummy as you though, pumpkin.
King For A Couple Of Days
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October 4th, 2007 at 02:55am
I thought I would drop in to tell you that on the 19th of this month I will be seeing our Two Dollar Whore live and in person Wink My friend won tickets off the radio yesterday and called me screaming, haha. She's a strong believer in how cute Patrick is and how "delectable" Pete is. She's a woman after our own hearts.

Aaand I also thought I would tell you I miss you tons. How are your classes going? Hopefully they aren't too painful. Talk soon? Love you, gorgeous. xxx