Dookie - Albums


Release date: January 31st, 1994
Producer: Green Day and Rob Cavallo
Record company: Reprise Records

Song list

  1. Burnout
  2. Having a Blast
  3. Chump
  4. Longview
  5. Welcome to Paradise
  6. Pulling Teeth
  7. Basket Case
  8. She
  9. Sassafras Roots
  10. When I Come Around
  11. Coming Clean
  12. Emenius Sleepus
  13. In the End
  14. F.O.D. (Fuck Off and Die)
  15. All by Myself, secret song


Slowly going through those previous Green Day periods it mostly looks like they were waiting in line, like they were still a few steps behind, somewhere in shadows. They were on the right path but something was still missing. However, Green Day knew excatly what to do, what kind of lyrics to write but still holding onto being yourself. They weren't afraid of writing their thoughts down and having their own beliefs, not this time, not a few years later. Dookie is a product of youth, rebellion and a strong will. It was Green Day's ticket to fame, which proves a Grammy Award itself for the best alternative album. Their first album signed to the major record label, Reprise. With songs about masturbation, coming out & going insane, Green Day gained a following of teenage fans struggling with the same problems and going through similar experiences. They turned the rock world upside down with the album singles: Longview, Basket Case, Welcome To Paradise and When I Come Around. Tre goes solo in a hidden track at the end of F.O.D. called All By Myself.

#5: originally on Kerplunk! and re-recorded for Dookie
#12: written by Mike Dirnt
#14 All By Myself: hidden song, written and sung by Tré Cool

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