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International Superhits!

Release date: November 12th, 2001
Producer: Green Day, Jerry Finn and Rob Cavallo
Record company: Reprise Records

Song list

  1. Maria
  2. Poprocks and Coke
  3. Longview
  4. Welcome to Paradise
  5. Basket Case
  6. When I Come Around
  7. She
  8. J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)
  9. Geek Stink Breath
  10. Brain Stew
  11. Jaded
  12. Walking Contradiction
  13. Stuck with Me
  14. Hitchin' a Ride
  15. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
  16. Redundant
  17. Nice Guys Finish Last
  18. Minority
  19. Warning
  20. Waiting
  21. Macy's Day Parade


A year after an easy-like-a-sunday-morning album called 'Warning', Green Day needed a rest but also another desert for their everlasting fans, they just couldn't stop giving another piece of that sweetness that you can't get enough of. But an urge to rest on the one and a plea from the fans on the other side can't quite go together. So the solution was in a compromise. Isn't that something that moves us along after all?! Green Day guys put all the greatest songs together making the most wanted compilation simply called International Superhits. The album contains 21 mega ultra extra super hits which don't allow you to just sit and calmly listen to them, you can't control yourself, you HAVE to jump and sing so loud, that loud that your windows have to tremble, being scared of breaking. Besides (let me call them evergreens) those well known songs, International Superhits also includes two previously unreleased songs, Maria and Poprocks & Coke.

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