Live Freaky! Die Freaky! - Soundtracks

Live Freaky! Die Freaky!

Release date: January 30th, 2006
Producer: John Roecker
Record company: Wellspring

Song list

  1. Overture, Roddy Bottum and Tim Armstrong
  2. No Sense Makes Sense (Instrumental), Tim Armstrong
  3. It Was A Big And Beautiful Dream, Tim Armstrong
  4. Charlie? (Title Song), Tim Armstrong and John Roecker - Travis Barker (drums), Jen Johnson (vocal)
  5. Bad Vibrations (One Too Many Afternoons), Tim Armstrong
  6. These Three Holes!, Tim Armstrong
  7. Mechanical Man, Roddy Bottum - Bille Joe Armstrong (vocal)
  8. Cafe 666, Tim Armstrong
  9. This Upside Down River, Tim Armstrong
  10. Strangle A Tree, Roddy Bottum - Theo Kogan (vocal)
  11. The Pass Where The Devil Can See, Roddy Bottum
  12. Creepy Crawl, Roddy Bottum - Roddy Bottum and Jane Wiedlin (vocals)
  13. Healter Skelter, Roddy Bottum
  14. August 9th, Roddy Bottum
  15. Buzz Saw Twist, by The Chi-Chi's
  16. Folie A' Famille, Roddy Bottum
  17. All The Good Things (We Could Have Done), Roddy Bottum and John Roecker - Theo Kogan (vocal)
  18. I Am Just A Reflection Of You!, Tim Armstrong
  19. We Watch You As You Sleep, Tim Armstrong
  20. Light Fires In Your Cities, Tim Armstrong
  21. Live Freaky! Die Freaky! (Your Blood Will Set You Free), Jen Johnson, John Roecker and Jane Wiedlin - Jen Johnson, Kim Chi and Jane Wiedlin (vocals)

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