Fishing, chapter 1

One day I was bored so i looked up Billie Joe in the phone book and asked him if he wanted to come fishing with me.... He accepted.

I was so excited when i saw him i made him sign every thing on my possetion and all my limbs and body parts.... Including body parts i had not yet discovered.

After about 7 hours of the usual hubbub (saying hello, signing things, getting high, fakeing fainting so Billie Joe was forced to give me mouth to mouth... mwahaha) we got down to some good, hard, intence fishing!

After a small time of 9 and a quater hours Billie Joe caught something!!!!!!!!!!!

It took us 3 hours of sweaty, vigerous tugging on the rod... Only to discover that what we caught was Mike and Tre (even they couldnt explain it).

Billie Joe said "Oh well kool we've got more people to help us fish"

But billie was getting pissed off having to wait for 14 hours while Tre and Mike sign everything that he did.

At this time no one realised we had been fishing for 33 and a quater hours.. Because we were having soooooooo much fun.

All of a sudden an angry south african water buffalo jumped out of the water and gobbled up Mr. Tre Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billie Joe, Mike and I were not happy about this tricky situation!

So I looked up all the members of simple plan, in the phone book, and invited them, while Billie Joe and Mike took care of the south african water buffalo!

When they arrived I caught them in a net... Hit them with a meat cleaver (to tenderise them) marinaded them in a fine red wine and fed the to the south african water buffalo.... But because all this happened so fast the south african water buffalo diddnt have time to digest tre so he poo'd him out whole.... phew.

Anyway back to fishing.

After another 6 hours Tre caught a salmon.... So we went back to Tre's house so he could have a bath and we ate the salmon for tea and had scones for dessert.

Billie Joe said "next time, we'll go to the beach".

*Canned laughter*

The End

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