Being The New Kid Doesn't Always Suck, chapter 1

The first day of school is always full of stress, especially if you're the new kid on the block. There was a lot of cruel people in this school, you know how it is, the new kid always seems to get picked on. No one seems to care about them, well except the teachers of course, but not the students. They don't give a damn about the new kid.

"Whoa..." Billie Joe whispered in shock to see how large his new school was.

*****Billie Joe's POV*****

The class isn't as large as I thought... Maybe its because there are a lot of classes, I don't know im just guessing.

"Okay class we have a new student this year in our grade five class, Billie Joe would like to introduce yourself?" The teacher said

"Uh, sure why not" Billie Joe replied

"Okay, come up to the front" said the teacher

Oh god what am I supposed to say...

"Uhh well, my full name is Billie Joe Armstrong, I have five other siblings, and um well I have a mom, and I DID have a dad, but he passed away last year.. Uh I guess i'm done" Billie Joe said with a hint of sadness hidden away in his voice.

"Oh Billie, I'm so sorry about your father, I didn't mean to bring him up" the teacher replied with sorrow in her voice.

"No its okay, it isn't your fault" said Billie Joe

Billie Joe sat down next to a boy
"Whats your name?" said the boy

"Uhh werent you paying attention" replied Billie Joe

"Oh uhh no not really.."

"Oh ok well my name is Billie Joe, Billie Joe Armstrong, you?"

"Michael Pritchard, just call me Mike"

"Okay, well I think we should pay attention now Mike"

"Yea I think so"

"Okay, well class I want you all to make Billie Joe feel welcome in our new school enviroment"

"Okayy!" the class yelled it was so annoying you could hear it all through the halls and classrooms.

"Whooaaa that was a little loud don'tcha think" Billie Joe said to a boy beside him.

"Hah ya wayy--" he was cut off by the sound of the bell.


Errr why do I have to be the new kid.. Its so lonely. Oh hey theres a group of people heading my way.. And they seem quite a bit older...

"Hey!" yelled one of the older kids

"I heard you're the new kid here.." he added

"Uhh yea I am actually" Billie Joe replied while standing up to walk closer to them.

"Well this school doesn't treat new kids very well I hope you know, you see that kid over there, he was new here about uh two years ago and he still has no friends and is still getting made fun of. Life isn't gunna be great for you Mr. Billie Joe Amrstrong, not at all"

"Well uh, you mean everyone is mean to the new kids?" Billie Joe said in a high voice, hey you can't blame him, his life is about to take a horrible turn at this school.

"Yea, and guess what?" said the older kid

"What?" Billie Joe said.

"And you're next" the older kid said while giving Billie Joe quite a hard push on his shoulder making him stumble a bit then eventually hit the ground.

"OUUCCHHH!" Billie Joe shreaked

"What-what was that for!" He added with fear in his voice, hopping this situation wont get worse.

"Don't you undertstand little boy? No one likes the new kids, especially us" He said while him and his "crew" walked slowely up to Billie Joe making him trip and fall back down to the cold hard cement.

"Uhhh! DAMMIT!" Billie Joe whispered while holding his scratched elbow trying to stop it from bleeding.

From the other side of the playground that boy from class was watching the whole thing in horror to see what they were doing to Billie Joe. Mike had enough and thought it was time to help him out.


Errr what am I supposed to do, im just a helpless 5th grader with nothing better to do then watch a classmate get beat, and picked on. He was scared to death of these kids but he couldn't stand to see this boy in agony.

"Hey why don't leave him alone and go screw with someone else you bastard?" Mike said shocked to know he said that to one of the toughest kids in school. He so regrets calling them bastards.

"What did you just say to me you little shit!" said the older kid

"You heard me Kyle screw off he doesn't deserve this"Mike said

"Oh whatever Mike you're such a screw up no one loves you not even your fucking divorced foster parents!" Kyle yelled while walking away giving both Billie Joe and Mike the evil eye.

"Shut up Kyle, don't EVER bring up my family or you'll have another thing coming!" Mike screamed knowing he could never take on Kyle and his gang, but he said it just to look tough.

"Hey um Mike, right?" Billie Joe said

"Yea but that isnt important right now, are you okay?" Mike said

"Uh yea my knees and elbows just hurt" said Billie Joe

"Okay lets go the nurses office then"Mike said

"Okay, and thanks Mike, for getting those bullies to leave me alone"

"Eh no problem, They picked on me a few times but I got over it and learned to stick up for myself" Mike said



The way to the nurses office was kinda quiet the only noise was the sound of the dirt getting tossed around and the high pitch screaming of the little kids playing on the playground.

"Okay were here Billie Joe" Mike said

"K, can you come in with me?" said Billie Joe

"Uh yea sure anything for uhh a friend I guess" Mike said

"Really? We can be friends?" Billie Joe said with a huge smile on.

"Hahah you dork of course haha" Mike said laughing so hard at Billie Joe's smile.

"Okay get your band aids and ill be outside waiting" added Mike



"Hey Mike!" yelled Billie Joe trying his best to get his new friend's attention

"MIKEEE! MIKEYY! MIKEE!" he screamed even more.

"Oh hey Billie Joe sorry I didnt hear you" Mike said

"Whaaatt! I've been screaming your name like five hundred thousand times!" Billie Joe said sounding a bit annoyed

"Hey, Hey sorry buddy"

"Haha its ok Buddy ol' pal of mine " Billie Joe said laughing while putting his arm on Mike's shoulder.
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