Out My Window, chapter 1

As I awoke from my slumber at 3 am, I could hear scuffling outside. Now I live in Oakland, so I hear scuffling out of my window a lot. Though this scuffling was quite different. Sounded more familiar. I stood to take a peek and I saw two men standing on the sidewalk. "I'm gonna kill your sorry ass" said one of the men. One was holding a baseball bat, the other, a revolver. I sat back down on my bed for a minute, then, gunshots. As I look back out, I heard screaming. One of the men was running around the other was chasing with the baseball bat. Out of the light I could one of them was Billie Joe Armstrong; the other as i looked closer was Tre Cool. Billie Joe was chasing Tre Cool with a baseball bat. Out of sheer stupidity, I yelled out the window to Billie Joe, "Choke up on the damn bat!" I don't know why Billie Joe was chasing Tre Cool with a baseball bat, but I couldn't resist. I went to my closet and got the camera, as I giggled to myself while I said, "This is a kodak moment". This was a once in a lifetime chance to see two people who you hold so high, chase each other with baseball bats. Just as i got my camera ready, I saw Billie Joe hit Tre in the back. "I got it"! I heard Billie Joe yell. He seemed quite ecstatic about it. I asked what the hell was going on. Tre said, "They're finally coming". "What?" I asked dumbfounded. " The aliens" Billie Joe yelled. "Aliens?" I said. "Yes aliens". At that very moment, aliens arose from behind the apartment kiddy corner from my own. I screamed a rather girlish scream as I ran out of my apartment to join Billie Joe and Tre. It was too late aliens had surrounded us. We were armed with a pistol and a baseball bat. Tune in for the exciting conclusion! Coming to GeekStinkBreath.net soon.

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