Touring A Dream, chapter 1

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"Holy Crap Tre do you have to do that every fricken morning!" I yelled, almost screaming at him. Feeling a small trickle of water going down my face. "Bastard" I thought. He laughed at me and started jumping on the bed. This is the times where I wish I didn't go on tour with them. Yes, mornings waking up to see Tre in the bed next to mine. But, I take that back it was extremely rare to see Tre in there when I woke up, mainly because he wakes me up every morning.

I curled up under my covers, knowing Tre wasn't going to stop jumping until I got up. I laid there going up and down with every jump. Then it stopped. I pulled the covers off my face when.


"Ahhhh Tre you fucker what's with the water!" I yelled. I wasn't the nicest person in the morning and they knew that they just liked to mess with me in the morning. Back home I was pretty decent but having Tre waking you up every morning, I guess I cant be nice to him, when I wake from water, beer, or any other substance.

I got out of bed soaking wet. I was pissed. I stepped over a laughing Tre, practically tripped over him, because I was so short. I walked over to my suitcase and picked up a pair of jeans and a shirt and slid into the bathroom. I took a quick shower even though I was wet as it was, but what the heck why not. I dried off, got dressed and walked out of the bathroom. There was note on my bed.

Went out, be back later.
BJ, Mike, Tre (the SEXY one)

I bet Tre wrote, "the sexy one." Billie wouldn't write that. I dropped the note back down and fell on the bed and flipped on the TV. 'Oh what do you know Green Day on MTV,' I thought.

"I'm the son of rage and love, the Jesus of Suburbia... "

"Oh crap my phone," I said aloud. I jumped off the bed and ran to my suitcase and whipped it out.
"Uh yeah Hello?!" I said quickly into the phone.
"Hi Hun!" it's my dad. The one who took the longest to let me go on tour. "Your only 13!" I remember him saying. "Why do they want a 13 year old girl on tour with them!" he said almost yelling. "Dad they want me to sing on tour." I replied "Sing? They are really good as it is! No offence dear but I don't think you should go... " He said he was so hard to convince to let me go. But eventually let me go AFTER Billie Joe talked to him.

"Hey dad what's cracking?" I asked
"Ummm nothing just checking how my daughter is."
"Oh okay, anything new happen in school lately?" The most common question I asked him. My dad is a behaviorist. He often told me about kids throwing things in his class room because of their anger problems.
"Umm two kids got suspended... "
"For what?" I asked
"Ohhh stupid reasons, one kid brought a knife to school, and the other one was back sassing my assistant."
"Well that's good" I said sarcastically. He laughed.
"Oh Caroline, Hun I just forgot I have to go to a doctors appointment, I'll call you when I have more time. OK?"
"Bye baby."
"Bye Dad." I hung up the phone and threw it down on the bed. I laid there thinking of when I was first asked to go on tour.

I was at a Green Day concert with my friends Steph, Steph, and Jocelyne. They were up there rocking hard. When Billie Joe screamed into the microphone.
"We are now looking for people who want to sing on tour with us. But, sorry it has to be a girl cause the things are for a girls singing parts," we all started screaming I was one of them. And to my luck I got picked. I remember Billie's face when I walked up there. He didn't realize how young I was. He even said into the microphone.

"Wow you looked a lot older from down there!" I started laughing, because I have always been one of the shortest in my school. I remember being so nervous up there. So many people staring at me, and it was my first time on stage. I ended up going up there with 9 other girls who had to sing. So, well I got picked, I got to go back stage and meet them again more professionally. My mom was going to fall over when I walked out there to get picked up, seeing Green Day standing behind me and my friends.

That's one memory I will never forget. That was only around a month ago. It was in April on the 30th. It seems so much longer.

I flipped open my phone and it said in big letters. May 27 2005 My Second Birthday! I started laughing. It was an inside joke I had with my friend Holly, back home I have three birthdays. We made up this long dramatic death and I heroic way of coming back to life. Holly was the craziest of all my friends. I shut my phone and tossed it aside. I curled up on the bed and fell asleep again.
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