Touring A Dream, chapter 20

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"Man I missed you guys so much," I said as I watched Tre imitate myself falling down the stairs the day before. Billie Joe was sitting on the floor doubling over laughing at Tre, while Mike was on the couch on the verge of falling off.
"You're such a clumsy ox," Billie Joe said while getting back into his cross-legged position.
"Yeah I know," I mumbled tucking my legs underneath me.
"So what are you doing once you leave here?" Mike asked.
"I'm going to New Jersey to visit the guys of My Chemical Romance they were almost begging me."
"Well for now you are ours," Billie Joe said looking up at me on my 'throne.' as he called it that earlier.
"I know. I'm staying at the Way's when I get there but will spend a night with Frank, I told him that."
"Lucky bastard, he gets you for a night," Billie Joe said. I laughed. There was silence for a moment or two.
"Hey you guys want to watch a movie?" I asked as Frankito walked down stairs rubbing his eyes.
"What time did you get up daddy?" He asked lazily.
"We got up really early," Tre said walking over and picking up his son.
"Were you guys out in that tent?" He tiredly pointed out the window to the backyard, where we in fact spent the night, and didn't get one bit of sleep.
"Uhh yeah buddy we were."
"Are you sure you got sleep?" He asked.
"Yup." Tre put Little Frank on his lap.
"What do you want to watch?" I asked trying to get off the topic of being out in the tent.
"Frankito why don't you pick?" Mike asked.
"Alright." He jumped off his fathers lap and walked over and started going though the pile of movies on the ground next to the TV. I got up out of my 'throne' and mumbled

"I'm hungry." I walked out of the living room and grabbed a cup from the cabinet. I opened the fridge snatching my beloved orange juice, the thing I basically live off of. I yelled into the living room.

"Hey little Frank what did you choose buddy?" He came running into the kitchen with a DVD in his hands. I picked it up and looked at my favorite movie as a kid. The Lion King.

"Great choice, I love this movie," I said smiling.
"Dad see I told you she would like it!" He yelled running back into the living room.
"Don't you think you are a little too old for kids movies." Tre had appeared in the kitchen behind me. I think I almost pissed my pants.
"WHY THE HELL DO YOU ALWAYS DO THAT?" I said loudly, which is my after affect of being shocked half to death. "I think I just lost one of my nine lives."
"Do what?" He asked innocently.
"DO WHAT!?" Billie Joe yelled from the living room.
"WELL," I said as I started for the living room. "Tre has this annoying little habit of popping up behind me and scaring the sh-crap out of me." I said cleaning myself up for Frankito was sitting on the floor.
"Caroline, dear he's been doing that for as long as I have known him." Mike said chuckling a little.
"Hmmm. I murmured. Not really happy with Mikes information.
"ARE we going to watch the movie or not?!" Frankito said loudly.
"Yeah sure, give it here buddy," Tre said bending down taking the movie from his sons hands and attempted to open it.
"F-ing movie case," He mumbled angrily. I watched amusement, and waited.
"Lina can you open it?" He whined. I smiled at him as he did the puppy dog face.
"I don't know, can I?"
"Will you?" He asked. I took the DVD from his hands and flicked up the tabs on the side releasing it. He looked pissed.

"Damn you," He said quietly. I handed the DVD back to him and he put it into the drive. The movie started playing, he got up and snuggled between me and mike on the couch with frankito on his lap and a blanket over all of us. I fell asleep soon after the movie had started, and I was in a dead sleep.
"Lina!" Said a voice.
"Dinner," It replied.
"WHAT!" I said jumping up.
"No its just time for lunch," Billie Joe said standing in front of me.
"Bastard," I mumbled walking into the kitchen.
"You hungry?" Tre asked holding out a tuna sandwich.
"No thank you I'll have it later."
"Okay." He said pulling open the cabinet and taking out the foil to wrap it in.
"Where's Mike?" I asked.
"He went home he will be back later. Do you want to go to the mall?" I just got a bolt of energy.
"Hell yeah!" I attempted to jumped up onto the counter but failed completely. Billie Joe came over wrapped his arms around me and I jumped and with his help got onto the counter.
"Shortie," He called me.
"Shut up," I mumbled back just loud enough for him to hear.
"You are," He said with a smile.
"I know."
"How is it being 4' 9," He said
"Its nothing special."
"Uhh yeah it is, you're short and people treat you differently, they help you do stuff like I just helped you onto that counter that your ass it sitting on."
"Your just a good soul."
"Why thank you," He said doing a little bow.
"So when do you want to go to the mall?" I asked looking from Billie Joe to Tre.
"Oh I'm not going its just gonna be you and BJ here," Tre said pointing his fork toward Billie Joe.
"Oh okay."
"Yea today its just gonna be me and you," Billie Joe said picking me up off the counter and taking me into the other room.
"But you'll be with me tonight!" Tre yelled.
"SWEET!" I yelled back into the other room.
"Ookay Lina get dressed then we'll go okay?" He put me down and I ran up the stairs to the spare bedroom where I was staying.
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