Billie Joe And The Amazing Time Travelling Pick, chapter 1

Billie Joe had just woken up to another plesent morn, the boxers he slept in for some strange reason needed to be washed. Billie Joe had a shower and sat down with the towel loosly wrapped around him. He had thoughts about the good old days, the days when they played songs like, 1000 hours and paper lanterns. Billie Joe and the rest of the band were playing later at some guys private swingers party and he relsied they should become young again.

So the boring introduction ceased and Billie went to get his [equipment] ready, he picked up the pick which for some magical reason transported him back to the year 1991, he found himself gilman street, playing songs, when he relaised he could shoot fire from the pick, so he did and killed all the posers, he also killed John Kiftemeyer who may or may not have been in the band at that point.

The evening became very groovy with only sexy girls and me and the band left, because Billie had killed all the ugly people, so it turned into a sex party, which was quite fun, but then i woke up and it was all a dream.


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