Sex! At Tre's House, chapter 1

"Tre! What the fuck!" I screamed.
"What do you not want me to lube up your ass before I do this?" Tre asked impatiently.
"Oh, no, just I don't know, I've never done this before!" I said.
"God, we've been together all this time and you've never even told me that you've never been butt fucked?" Tre asked.
"Well, it wasn't a topic of conversation I could just bring up," I replied.
We got out of our position and Tre took me in his arms and snuggled me.
"Well, my husband never wanted to," I started.
"Oh, why won't you just divorce him already? I mean it's been 2 years Lyddy. I love you more then he ever will. I never get to take you any where or anything." Tre said. "I fucking love you and my kids fucking love you. My ex-wives even fucking love you! Hell Lyddy it's 2008 for fucks sake! I wanna fucking spend my life with you! Fuck I'm 36!"
I looked deeply into his liquid blue eyes.
"Tre, it's not that easy, Melissa and Sean love their dad so much and I don't want them to hate me for cheating on him," I confessed.
"Well, you're going to have to, someday," Tre said.
"I know Tre, I know, I love you so fucking much," I said and I kissed Tre.
Just then the door burst open.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?" he asked, my husband Randy.
Tre and I covered ourselves up with the comforter. Randy looked pissed.
"Honey I can explain!" I defended.
"Who the hell is this? Are you fucking Tre cool?" he asked Tre.
"Yeah," Tre said casually.
"What the hell are you doing you fucking whore?" he turned to me. "You're sleeping with a fucking rock star?" he asked.
"Yeah," I replied...

"Okay hold up..." Lyddy tells you, clothed and not the one in bed, herself. "I bet you're fucking confused aren't you," Lyddy asks you. "I bet you are," Lyddy tells you as the scene leaves the bedroom of her and Tre and changes to a white background.
"I might want to explain, see my name is Lyddy Perch. Not my maiden name but you get the picture. Yeah I know I probably don't look like the best person, cheating on my husband with Tre Cool, but if you got to go back stage at a Green Day concert and Tre offered to have sex with you, would you turn him down? I know what most of you all are thinking NO WAY, Billie probably yes. But I've always had a thing for Tre ever since I saw them play in 1991 when I was 17. Yes I'm Three years younger than Tre. As you heard I have two kids, Melissa and Sean. Melissa is 15 and Sean 13. Yeah I got pregnant at 19 with Randy, he knocked me up. Not so romantic but what was?" She continued. "Yeah, some people call me a whore but the truth was I'd only slept with 4 guys my entire life. 2 men before my husband and Randy and Tre. I mean come on! Okay so I did the kinkiest things in the bedroom then any other girl I know. Or so says Tre. And sometimes when I have sex I scream like a dirty whore but Tre says he likes that. Randy was a bit well, simple in the bedroom. I was wild when it came down to it and that's why Tre loved me. And I loved him; we were both on the same page when it came to sex. I could never bring myself to tell Randy it was over I couldn't do that t the kids or him. I loved them all so much. And Tre's kids were adorable. Ramona at 13 and Frankito at 7. I loved the kids so damn much and I always was depicted as the cool mom, taking them to concerts and shit. Buying Melissa a drum set for her 9th birthday and Sean his guitar when he was 11. The only thing was Melissa had a mad crush on Tre even though she had a boyfriend she always told me what a bomb Tre would be in bed. Which was true he was a bomb. Melissa and me were very open about sex and things like that. I talked to her about sex and shit and I told her anytime she was ready to ask and I'll give her some condoms, I put her on the pill last year. Yeah I guess I was the cool mom. That's the other thing Tre always told me was that I was a really cool mom, and a really cool person. That I acted like a kid just as he did and I saw everything in a positive light like him he said he'd never met a girl like me. Tre often told me he'd love to spend his life with me but he had two failed marriages was I supposed to believe him. 'Babe, I love you way more than I ever loved them. ' Tre always told me." Lyddy sighed. "Well, I guess I'll take you back a few years, to when I met Tre so you can get a good idea of how this happened, so I'll take you back two years on July 17th 2006..."
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