So what she has a kid, chapter 1

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It was a raining Monday morning just like last week it was Billie Joe's turn to do the laundry and seeing how there washer was broken Billie went down to the laundry matt
When he walked threw the door this small 2 year old boy ran at him and Billie dropped all of there cloths every were. "I'm so so sorry" this beautiful voice said Billie looked up and there was a young woman in black skinny legs and a Ramones tee "my son doesn't know what he's doing here let me help you pick all this up" so she bent down "hi my name is Billie Joe what's yours?" "Mine is Elle and my son is Alexander I'm sorry he did that he is just board hanging around here waiting for the cloths he wants to go to the park across the road" Billie suddenly had one of his great ideas "I'll make you a deal you do my washing and I'll take Alexander across to the park" Elle looked a little apprehensive but she agreed "ok but I don't even know you and I'm trusting you with my son" "don't worry he'll be fine be back soon" and Billie took Alexander across the road.

Billie's p. O. V
She is beautiful I have never seen any one like that and she agreed to do the washing double points for that one and her kid is pretty cool to I bet she has a husband or something.

Elle's p. O. V
I cannot believe I just trusted him with Alex I have never done that before but he seems ok he is cute I am just a little worried about this leopard g-string I found hmmm oh well he is good with Alex.

When Billie came back with Alex all his washing was done and folded.
"Thanks a heap" said Billie "no problems thanks for taking care of Alex for me was he good?" said Elle "he was fine no problems I'm a natural" said Billie then Alex said "Billie take to zoo" "oh yeah I told him I'd take him to the zoo that is if it's ok with you and your husband" said Billie "I don't have a husband I'm single yeah that's ok with me as long as I can come" said Elle "yeah ok I'll swing by at about 12 tomorrow then" " that sounds great" said Elle and they both went there separate ways.

Billie's p. O. V
She doesn't have a husband or boyfriend but she won't like me I mean look at what I wear and do for a job and wear I live it ain't no place for a kid well I better tell the guys.

"He Billie why are our cloths folded" said tre'
"Oh yeah I forgot to tell you guys I meet this chick she is awesome" said Billie
"Well if she folds our cloths she is a keeper," said Mike laughing
"Yeah just one little glitch" said Billie
"What you said she's hot and got a great body and she folds our cloths dude what could the glitch be?" said tre'
"Well she has a kid a boy called Alex he is 2 I took him to the park while she did our laundry he's an ok kid funny as," said Billie
"A kid whoa get out now you can't get attached or she'll just use you as a baby sitter" said tre'
"Well I'm taking them to the zoo tomorrow at 12 so I think it'll be ok I've never felt like this before" said Billie
"You just meet her how can you say that?" said mike
"I don't know I get this feeling," said Billie

Tre' p. O. V
A kid how is Billie gonna cope with a kid I mean we are supposed to be making a new album and he is starting a ready made family I don't know about this maybe she is cool and all but she could just be using Billie.

Mike's p. O. V
He likes her a heap I can tell I have never seen him so goo-goo eyed since Kathleen
However, a kid I do not know.

It was 12 when Billie knocked on Elle's door she lived in a stylish apartment
"Hey come on in," said Elle
"Thanks are you guys nearly ready to go," said Billie
"Nearly Alex is being a pain he is all excited about going are you sure your cool with this?" said Elle
"Yeah it'll be fun you ascent were are you from your not American" said Billie

"No I'm not I'm from Australia I moved here when Alex was about one Alex's dad lives back in Australia and so does my family I moved here to get away from Alex's dad and to try and start my dancing career I want to open a studio" said Elle

"Whoa big plans well I'm in a band called Green Day with my two bets mates I work part time and play at a place called 86 you should come and watch me tonight" said Billie
"I would love that but one small problem Alex," said Elle
"Oh yeah can you get a baby sitter?" said Billie
"Yeah I'll call my friend," said Elle

Elle organized a baby sitter and then they all headed of to the zoo
When they got back Elle's friend Katy was there.

"Thanks so much for this," said Elle
"No problem I just stay the night looks like you'll be out late" said Katy
"Oh this is Billie Joe," said Elle
"Hey" said Billie
"Hi" said Katy

"Well you know the routine thank you so much for this see you in the morning," said Elle
"Have fun see you then" said Katy.
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