So what she has a kid, chapter 23

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Billie and Elle had landed in Australia they where staying there for 3 weeks just enough time for the kids to spend with their grandparents and give Elle and Billie a much needed rest.

*at the hotel*

"They are all out," said Billie as he walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed.

Elle walked out of the bathroom and placed her earrings on the dresser "Thank god for that, I thought Izzy wouldn't sleep," she said as she took her robe off.

Billie watched as her silky black robe fell to the floor reviling her tight tank top and boy short underwear "I've forgotten the humidity here," her she said as she pulled the covers back.

Billie laughed "I thinks it's about to get a whole lot hotter," he said as the pulled Elle down onto the bed "Billie what are you doing?" Elle asked as Billie climbed on top of her.

Billie chuckled as he pressed his lips against her collar bone, Elle giggled from the ticklish sensation that ran through her body as Billie kissed her lightly there "I' about to make sweet love to my beautiful wife," Billie finally said.

He kissed her lips slowly, his tongue rolled around her mouth, as he lightly bit her bottom lip and kissed down her jaw and onto her neck, Elle moaned with pleasure, she could feel him smile against her skin, he moved his hands over her chest and groped her slightly right before he removed her tank top and threw it on to the floor, his hand moved further down her torso before the rested on her thighs, the humidity made them sweat which only made them go at it harder, by the time they where done Billie and Elle where both exhausted and Elle curled up next to Billie her head laid on his chest, he wrapped his arms around her and they fell asleep.

*the next day*

Billie and Elle had gone to her mothers place to see the whole family.

Billie was off in the backyard playing with the kids "I've missed you," her mother said as she poured them some more tea.

Elle smiled "You have no idea how much I've missed you, I really needed my mum," she said.

Elle's mother sighed "After you told me on the phone about the whole baby situation I got really upset I was about to book a flight and come see you," she said taking a sip from her cup.

Elle cracked her neck from side to side and looked back out to Billie and the kids "How is Billie handling it?" her mother asked. Elle shrugged her shoulders and sighed "Great but that's the problem, he is taking it to well, he says he knows the baby is his, but what happens if it's not?" he said.

Elle's mother looked outside and watched Billie playing with her grand children "He is special Elle, I don't have to be with you every day I can tell from half way across the country that he loves you more then I have ever known anyone to love another," her mother said as she placed her hand on Elle's face.

Elle laughed "I know he loves me and I know that he took Alex in as his own but what if the baby isn't his, can he love it the same way as the others?" she said.

Elle's mother furrowed her brow "I think that no matter what happens Elle, he will love that child," she said as she got up from the table and walked into the kitchen.

Elle and Billie left her mothers house and dropped in to see her father and sister at her dad's place.

"So are you ok with it?" Adam asked Billie as they sat in the lounge and drank beer.

Billie took a sip of his beer "Yeah I love her and no matter what I will always love her, she is my wife and mother to my three children," Billie said.

Adam smirked "You know I had doubts when I met you, I thought that you wouldn't be able to take Alex in as your own, but I was dead wrong, as far as I can tell you are his dad and I can't see it any other way," he finished.

Billie nodded his head "What are you to talking about?" asked Elle and her and her sister bell walked into the room. "Nothing much," her father said. "Good because Billie and I have to go," he added. "Ok," her father said standing up and walking over to his bar. "Thanks for taking care of the kids," said Elle as she helped Billie up out of his seat. "Not a problem I love seeing them and spending time with them all," he added.

Billie and Elle left her fathers house and went out for an evening to them self's.
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