The New Daughter of the Family. (Sequel to An Angel's Voice.), chapter 1

Sara ran into her parent's room and jumped on the bed.
"COME ON! GET UP! We aren't going to make it to the reunion in time if you lazy asses don't get up! Let's MOVE IT!" Billie rolled around and looked at her tiredly.
"You're kidding, right?" He looked at his clock. "It's 8 a.m." She smiled.
"I know! That's why you have to get up! Come ON! Can't keep the family waiting." She jumped up and down. Billie grabbed her and threw her down on the bed, wrapping his arm around her waist.
"Stop jumping." He said, closing his eyes. She laughed.
"Come on, dad. Everyone wants to meet my new family. And the O' Connor family reunion is the perfect opportunity. Everyone's packed and ready to go except for YOU!"
"What about mom?"
"She's packed. Just not awake yet. Come on! I've been waiting for two weeks to go to this reunion and I'm not waiting any longer!" She poked him in the ribs, causing him to flinch.
"Don't do that. I'm gonna kick you out of here." She smiled.
"No, you're not. You actually have to get out of bed to do that." She poked him again.
"I mean it. Stop doing that. You'll be sorry." She rolled her eyes at him.
"Oh, I will, will I? What're you going to do, dad? You're too tired to even raise an eyelid. I'm so scared." She tried to wiggle free, but he wouldn't let her go.

She sighed and looked at her dad. "Well, are you going to get up or not?"
"Why don't you try and wake up your mom." She shrugged and turned her body. "Mom? Are you going to get up?" Adie opened her eyes and smiled.
"Good morning, honey. Yeah, I'm up." She sat up and slid out of bed. "Just let me shower and we'll be on the road. Is your dad waking up?" Sara turned again towards her dad.
"HA! Mom's up and now you HAVE to get up!" She poked him once more in the ribs. He flinched and opened his eyes.
"Ok, that's IT!" He shot up and rolled Sara over. He sat on her stomache and pinned her arms down with his knees. He poked her in the side over and over again while she laughed.
"How do YOU like it!?"
"DAD! STOP IT!" She giggled like mad, making Billie laugh. "Ok, ok. You win! YOU WIN!" Billie stopped poking her and chuckled.
"That's what I thought-" He poked her again, causing her to giggle.
"I already said you won!"
"So why are you still poking?" He smiled and poked her once in the side. She flinched and giggled again. Billie laughed.
"Because-I-love-the-way-you-giggle." He said, poking her in between each word. "It's-so-cute!" She laughed and pushed him off.
"Ok." She said, catching her breath. "Now hurry up and pack. We've gotta go." Billie laughed.
"Fine. Go make me breakfast then." She sighed and ran downstairs to make her dad breakfast.
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