What Have I Become?, chapter 2

There was an awkward silence. Joey hated awkward silences.

"So, uh, what type of things are you interested in?" Joey asked, feeling very uncomfortable.

"Um, horses, music, that's about it," Dorothy said, twisting a jelly bracelet around her wrist.

"Oh, cool. Horses, huh? I've never ridden one. They're pretty, though," he said, trying to make conversation.

"Yeah, I own a horse. She should be here tomorrow. We show in English shows, you know, Eventing, Dressage, Jumping, all that fun stuff."

"What breed?"

"Swedish Warmblood. She's pretty tall," she said, as her mind wondered to thoughts of her horse.


Joey left then, the awkward moments being too much to handle. He went up to his room. His old habit. He sighed. He was thinking of how pathetic his life had become. He had virtually no hobbies besides sitting in his room, listening to music. Sure, his dad was a famous rocker, but as he thought about it, he'd rather have his dad not be famous. Yeah, he loved having anything he wanted, but he knew his father would be home more and more considerate of his mother. Sometimes he wished they'd get a divorce. He'd live with his mother. Joey, Adrienne, Jakob, and Joey's little baby sister, Sara. He sighed. That would never happen, and he knew it. He rolled over in bed, closing his eyes.


Dorothy waited. And waited. And waited some more. She was getting impatient. Her horse was supposed to arrive forty-five minutes ago. She started humming the tune to "Trying To Find A Balance" by Atmosphere. She heard a door slam. She stood, looking out the window. Instead of seeing a horse trailer, she saw Joey, going on a walk. He has slammed his front door.

"Hey, Joey! Wait up!"
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