Meant to be (Sequel to So close yet so far), chapter 1

-San Francisco Hilton, Suite 510-

"You know Billie, did ever think that our kids would end up getting hitched?" Tre asks after a couple of drinks.
"Well, it surprised me when Joey had a crush on Ramona when they were like nine or ten," he says laughing, "Surprised me again when they started going out at fifteen."
"Not to mention finding evidence of their activities at sixteen," Bianca adds in laughing.
"I thought they'd break up when they went to college," Adie says taking a sip from her drink.
"Well instead one of them would drive for three hours each way every weekend," Lisea says rolling her eyes.
"Damn, I guess those kids were really meant to be," Paulie says downing the rest of his drink and going back for another.
"What about when Joey proposed? Anyone see that coming?" Mike asks coming back with a round of margaritas.
"That came to me as a real surprise," Bianca says taking a drink from the platter Mike just brought in. "I actually thought Ramona was joking when she told us."
"And Tre had his little freak out," Mike teases.
"I didn't freak out," Tre protests.
"We were all there; you turned a nice raspberry red," Cassie says laughing.
"You thought she was pregnant, didn't you?" Lisea asks seriously.
"Yeah," Tre mumbles sipping his drink again. Billie Joe downs his drink and places the glass on the table.
"They did have one pregnancy scare," he says after clearing his throat. Everyone fell silent.
"What?" Tre says sternly.
"When they were sixteen," he starts off, "Right after Joey got out of the hospital from alcohol poisoning."
"They told you about this?!" Tre says dumbfounded.
"No, Ramona came over to see Joey and she looked really upset so I may have eavesdropped on their conversation."
"Well what happened?!" Lisea demands, raising her voice.
"From what I remember, they had gotten stoned at that beach party thing and couldn't remember if they used a condom."
"Ramona got stoned!" Tre says turning red.
"Jesus Tre, you were like the stoner king!" Mike exclaims.
"I caught her with weed when she was living in New York," Paulie mumbles. Tre just glares at him as if to say how come no one tells me anything?
"Then they left to buy a pregnancy test," Billie starts up again, "and when they were waiting for the test to take affect Joey started spewing his guts on how he wouldn't leave her and how he'd find a way to take care of her. Made me proud. Oh and the test turned out negative."
"Obviously," Cassie snickers.
"And how come you never told me this?" Adie asks crossing her arms.
"Because as far as Ramona and Joey know, I don't know anything and you'd just confront them about it," Billie states hoping he won't get yelled at, "Besides, a scare like that, they obviously learned their lesson."

-Suite 512-
The room service waiter brings in the ordered cart with four pitchers of beer just as Mel started flaunting her new engagement ring.
"So Wyatt finally proposed!" Amber screeches.
"Congratulations," Ramona says hugging her friend.
"Joey is one hell of a match maker," Emma laughs. "Who knew the two of you were going to the same college."
"Yeah, I guess it was more than coincidence that we were both going into the same field of studies."
"What about you and Sid? What happened to you two?" Mel asks as she pours everyone some beer. "You guys seemed to be going pretty strong back when."
"Colleges on opposite ends of the country don't really make for strong relationships."
"What about you Stella?" Amber asks the one who's been silent for most of the evening.
"What about me?" she asks casually.
"You know, weren't you and Jakob high school sweet hearts?" Amber inquires. Ramona bursts out laughing.
"They kept breaking up and getting back together, I think you two broke up a total of ten times." Ramona says as she takes another sip of beer.
"Eight, we broke up eight times," Stella says rolling her eyes.
"Why'd you keep going back then?" Emma snickers.
"Jakob's a sweet guy, I mean we just sort of clicked and he was a really good kisser." Everyone bursts out laughing at this point.
"If he's such a good kisser, then why'd you keep breaking up?"
"I'm like a year half older than him, now that doesn't seem like much but in high school it really makes a difference," Stella says sipping her own drink.
"Oh ladies!" Amber exclaims, "Look what I brought for ol' times sake." She pulls out a small plastic bag with a single doobie inside.
"Light up!" Emma says smirking evilly. In this excitement Stella sneaks out of the hotel room suite unnoticed.

-Suite 514-
"I wanna make a toast!" Wyatt says after everyone had had quite a few drinks. He stands up on the coffee table with a plastic beer cup in his hand. "Joey is one of the greatest guys ever! In high school he saved my ass countless times and he set me up with the love of my life. To Joey!"
"To Joey!" the rest of the guys say as they drink to the groom to be.
"So you and Mel are engaged?" Jakob asks, the most sober of the bunch.
"Yup, I proposed to her last night."
"Hey, what ever happened to Tom?" Sid slurs.
"I don't know, after he broke up with Mel, he sort of disappeared," Joey says as he comes to realize his cup is empty.
"I heard he knocked some girl up right after high school," Wyatt mumbles, "Married her and if I'm not mistaken he's working in his family's restaurant."
"Franky, did you ever ask out Madison?" Joey asks.
"You fucker, I was ten!"
"Jakey!" Joey says giddily, "What about your girlfriend?"
"Kayla and I broke up," he says shrugging.
"No, not her, Stella!" he says slumping on the hotel room sofa in between his brother and Sid.
"Stella and I split up when she left for college," he says staring at his brother, "I think that's enough beer for you." he pulls the cup out of his brother's hand.
"I guess you're right, but I'm still thirsty." He whines. Jakob rolls his eyes and heads over to the bathroom sink and fills a cup with water.
"Here Joey water mmm," he taunts.
"Yeah, yeah."
"Don't want to be hungover at your own wedding," Sid states as he puts down his cup.
"Or else my sister will be pissed!" Franky says sipping his beer.
"I'm going to get some-" Jakob begins to say but realizes his brother and his friends are now too preoccupied talking loudly about old times. He walks out of the room without anyone giving a damn.

-Hotel lobby-
The elevator doors open and Jakob steps onto the ground floor. He catches a glimpse of a familiar face sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs. He goes to sit next to her.
"Haven't seen you in a while." he says catching her attention.
"Hey Jakob!" Stella says going over to him and pulling him into a hug. "Don't you have a bachelor party to be at?"
"Don't you have a bachelorette party to be at?" he asks in mockery.
"They started passing around a joint and I wasn't up for it," she shrugs.
"I got bored; they're all talking about shit that happened in high school."

"So how's college treating you?"
"Not bad," he shrugs, "And yourself."
"Pretty good, finishing up this year," she says nodding, "I already got a job offer at a magazine."
"So you're still in commercial photography?"
"Yup, what about you?"
"Modeling, they say my ass has potential," he says laughing, "But seriously, I'm taking courses to become a television and film editor."
"Yeah, it's pretty sweet, one of the local TV stations saw my work and as of July I start working there. When I finish college I want to move onto music videos and movies and stuff though."
"Looks like we got our futures set then," she laughs.
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