Green Day Baby, chapter 1

I wake up to the same annoying sound I fell asleep to last night. Doesn't it ever stop?! Its driving me insane, that woman is so fucking lazy, can't get off her ass and stop it. The sound I'm getting annoyed of is that off a baby crying, more like screaming actually, not my baby of course. Hell I just turned twenty, I wouldn't want a kid now. Even if it was my kid, I'd get off my ass I and find a way to make it stop crying. I get out of bed and locate my boxers before heading out into the living room.

"Hasn't stopped has she?" I mutter to my roommate Tre who's watching TV and eating a bowl of concentrated sugar cereal.
"I'm gonna do something about it," I mutter, he just nods. I leave the comfort of my dingy apartment and knock on my neighbor's door.

"Open the door Adeena!" I yell. I don't hear anything but the baby screaming so I jiggle the handle to find that the door is unlocked. I step into the ice cold apartment, Adeena has got to be the stupidest mother ever. I rub my bare arms as I step deeper into the apartment, the smell of feces is pungent in the air. I find Adeena passed out on her moth destroyed sofa with a syringe in her arm. She's breathing so I pay no mind. I go over to the little fort of pillows on the far end of the apartment to find Adeena's daughter Rosie screaming her head off.

The poor child has puke all down the front of her pajama, and by the looks of it her diaper has overflowed. Rosie couldn't be much more than a year old. Being an uncle and having babysat my brother's kids, I can't just leave Rosie like this. I pick her up and take her to the kitchen sink and run some warm water. I undress the shivering infant and wash her off. I dry her with a nearby dishtowel and manage to find a clean diaper in the pantry. Next to the pillow fort I find a couple of plastic grocery store bags with baby clothes in them. I find Rosie something warm to wear and dress her promptly, her screaming cries turned to tiny whines. I carry her over to the sofa where heroine mommy is laying.
"Adeena wake up!" I yell really loud, causing Rosie to burst out crying. I rock her gently.
"Hmm," Adeena says regaining consciousness, "Billie?"
"You're sick you know," I say bitterly, "Your daughter has been screaming her head off since seven last night."
"Oh," she says apathetically, "She's my problem, not yours."
"You know what, until you sober up, I'll look after Rosie," I say not wanting to leave this poor kid alone again.
"Yeah, you'll be back," Adeena laughs, "You can't take care of a baby, you'll give up." I don't dignify her with an answer as I walk out of her apartment.

"You brought it here!" my other roommate, Mike exclaims when he sees Rosie in my arms.
"She was covered in shit when I found her!" I exclaim, "I couldn't just leave her there."
"But dude," Tre says looking at the baby girl, "Babies cry."
"She's probably hungry, I mean if Adeena didn't even realize she was crying, this kid hasn't been fed in ages," I say rocking the whining kid in my arms. "Got any baby friendly food?" Mike chuckles as he opens the fridge.

"Got some apple sauce I took from work."
"Yeah," I say heading into the kitchen.
"But it's mine!" Tre whines. Tre like to eat mooshy food at odd hours of the night, usually through a straw.
"Tre," I say rolling my eyes as I get a bowl out of the cupboard. I turn to Mike. "Here hold her."
"What? No!" he says taking her nervously. "Jesus Billie," he mumbles as I scoop some apple sauce out of the jar and into the bowl. "I'm not a baby person." I ignore him and take Rosie back. I grab the bowl of apple sauce and go to sit in the living room.

"So how long is she going to stay with us?" Tre asks as I start to spoon
"I don't know," I say as she stops crying, "Not long I hope."
"Hey Bill," Mike says staring at me from his spot in the kitchen, "Are you Rosie's father?"
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