Green Day Baby, chapter 13

After a long conversations between only Tre and Lainey which included a picture of Ramona and a long story about those wild parties that went down in our building Lainey agreed to allow Rosie to go in for a DNA test if she wanted. Then came a similar conversation with Rosie and Tre. Rosie freaked out a little at first, probably because she had a crush on Tre before we were reunited, her crush ended about a week after meeting us, probably the age difference.

They went in for a DNA test and the results were due back today. In the two weeks we've been waiting for the results there have been major discussions about if Tre really is her father. Rosie said she'd like to live both with Tre and her aunt and uncle sort of like the child of a divorced couple would bounce between households.

Tre said he'd call Mike and I as soon as he got the results. So here we are Mike and I sitting on my back porch puffing away on our cigarettes.
"I should quit," Mike mumbles.
"How many times have I heard you say that," I chuckle as I stare at the death stick in my hand, "If only they weren't so damn addictive."
"Honestly," Mike says stubbing his out. "Gonna try for a week, Stella's staying at my house this week."
"Ahh okay."

Suddenly the gate creaks open revealing a red-eyed Tre. Mike and I silently watch him as comes near us. He hands us a ripped envelope. Mike pulls out the letter and reads it over then hands it to me. Though Mr. Frank Wright is not the father of Ms. Rosie Salvador he is a blood relative, possibly an uncle or cousin.

"So, your brother," I gulp, "So Rosie is your niece."
"It must've been that week he stayed with us," Tre whispers, "Remember, he bought us a keg." Mike and I nod, I didn't particularly remember but it was too much to disagree.
"So did you tell him?" Mike says after a few moments of silence. Tre shakes his head.
"I called him and told him to come over tonight, told him I wanted to have dinner with him."
"What about Rosie?" I ask.
"I'm going to see her next." He sighs. He leaves my backyard just as he came.

Mike and I stayed outside for another hour, we didn't say much, frankly we didn't know what to say. Its not every day your best friend thinks he's someone's father and then finds out he's their uncle. Oh wow, our life sounds very soap opera right now.

"Billie," Adie calls from the back door, "Your phone." She holds out my sleek black cell phone, "Its Tre." I jump up and grab the phone from her.
"Billie, you and Mike need to come over here."
"What happened?"
"I just realized my brother won't believe me!" he exclaims, "And I don't want to be here alone, can you and Mike come over."
"Yeah sure, you're at home right?"
"Yeah," He sighs in relief.
"Okay see you soon." I end the call and slip my phone in my pocket.

"What did he want?" Adie asks slumping her hip against the door way casually.
"You see he found out he wasn't Rosie's father," I pause, "His brother is."
"Oh god."
"Yeah and he doesn't want to tell his brother alone, so enter Mike and I."
"Alright." She sighs, "I take it you'll be home late." Mike and I nod. "Just don't get drunk or do anything stupid."
"Love you too." I laugh as I kiss her lightly and head down the porch steps with Mike.
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