Something Unpredictable, But In The End Was Right., chapter 1

I got in the car and took of to go to work like I did every day oh my name is Ally
and I live in California with my mum and dad I'm about 16 and I work at Rod's Hickory Pit.

I got out of the car and walked threw the back door of the place there was Billie and Mike clowning around nothing new there.

"Hey Ally what you up to?" asked Billie.
"Work Billie like you should be," I said.
"Hey what's up with you today?" said mike.
"Nothing I'm fine ok," I said as I walked off to start working.

Mike's p.o.v

What's up with her some days she is such a bitch, we've been friends for ages
And she never tells me what's going on oh shit the boss better start looking like I'm working.

It was time for my break so I went outside to have a smoke
Mike walked out and sat down next to me.

"Hey," he said as the put his hand on my back.
"Ah that hurt," I said
"What I didn't do anything then... did he oh fuck he beat you up again didn't he?" said Mike.
"I fell over that's all," I said.
"Fuck off when are you going to admit it your dad beats you up it's nothing to be ashamed of, we've been friends since the start of school you got to let me in," said Mike.

I just burst out into tears on Mikes shoulder I didn't know what I was doing I had never really cried in front of Mike before but for some reason I couldn't stop he just stayed there holding me.

We had finished work so I went to get in my car but it wouldn't start.

"Fucking ass of a car," I screamed.
"Hey your car playing up again?" said Mike.
"Yeah I hate it," I said.
"Come on I'll drive you home," said Mike.

We jumped in Mikes car and he drove me home I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he drove off I walked inside and went right to my room avoiding my dad who was so drunk I cried my self to sleep not wanting to wake up in the morning.


"Hey why didn't you come straight home," said Billie.
"Had to drop Ally of at her place her car broke down again," said Mike.

"Well aren't you nice Mike and in love may I add," said Billie.

"Oh for god's sake I'm not in love with her Billie we're friends and we have been for ages nothing will change," said Mike.

"Whatever Mike you love her, I'm sleepy I'm off to bed see you in the morning," said Billie as he walked off down the hall.

Mikes p.o.v

I don't love her well I do love her but in that friends' way you know I've always been there for her and that'll never change fuck it's late I got to get some sleep
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